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Jail Call Solutions - Jail Call Services is rude and steals your hard earned money!!!

Company Jail Call Solutions
Product / Service Overcharge
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Monetary Loss

I set up an account on Jail Call Services to save money on calling an inmate and i was contacted saying my account was excepted and my total for one month was $29.99 plus $7.99 tax and $50 some dollars for extra stuff like activation fee and what not.Then they told me on top of $29.99 a month i would have to pay at least $25 to Secures (my other calling account for contacting an inmate).

i didn't like having to pay all that money and then they told me all these hoops i had to jump through just so my inmate could call me. i asked to cancel my membership, she wouldn't, so i hung up on her and she called back 7 times before i picked up again within 6min. so i answered and was told i would save a lot of $ so i followed the steps and set up my account and had my inmate call me and he called back on my other number that wasn't set up to the Jail Call Services and told me when he called the number Jail Call Services gave me to have my inmate call me on was restricted. so he couldn't use it.

i proceeded o contact Jail Call Services and emailed them saying it wasn't working and i want to cancel. they sent me 2 other emails explaining they were "sorry" for the inconvenience but it had to be my fault and i must of did something wrong or my inmate was calling the wrong number. my inmate DIDN'T call the wrong number, he called the number i gave him that Jail Call Services gave me. so once again i called them they wouldn't return any of my calls so i emailed them and said i want my money back and cancel my membership.

its been week and no response back. i then again sent them the same email and am still waiting on a response, i guess im not getting my money back.

SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF TROUBLE AND STRESS AND DON'T GET A Jail Call Services ACCOUNT!They are rude and will steal your hard earned $!!! 30104c2

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Nov 19, 2013 
it may look like a good deal online but there are a lot of hidden fees and their not worth your time or money!
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