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Jail Call Solutions - I want my money back on my credit card

  • by   Feb 13, 2013
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Company Jail Call Solutions
Product / Service Jail Call Scam
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Media
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Monetary Loss

I signed up with Jail Call Solutions and found out that is a company that does fraud to people who have loved ones in jail.They take your money and do not provide the service.

I have talked with the companies that they "say" they work with and those companies told me they are a fraud. I have contacted my bank to report this company and try to reverse the charges on my credit card.

I still can not receive calls from my boyfriend who is currently locked up, his mother is very sick and can not afford to have him call collect to her house.So, I am trying to ease the financial burden to have the calls come through me. 305f708

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Feb 13, 2013  from Englewood, Colorado
I know how you feel, they are suppose to be refunding my money the number they use on the transaction is not even a working number I threatend them with the police and warrants to get my money back. Also they defraud when they say the inmate and talk as long as he wants, that is a lie the prison itself has a time line of 15 min.. But here is a sight that is legit and I use it all the time u put money on the inmates phone account for that prison the sight is called offender connect they do what they say and are the best :)
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