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Do not purchase Coffee Nailhead Recliner Sofa/Loveseat from Ivan Smith Furniture

Company Ivan Smith Furniture
Product / Service Recliner Sofa
Location Monroe, Louisiana
Category Furniture and Decor
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Update added by user Jul 31, 2012
These are pictures from the 3rd sofa that was replaced a year ago.
Original review posted by user Jul 31, 2012

Three years ago, I purchased the leather coffee nailhead recliner sofa and loveseat.It was the first time I had ever purchased leather furniture.

Six months after the purchase, my sofa began to fade. Luckly, I had purchased the warrant plan. Because I was still within my first year of the purchase, my sofa was replaced. Again, within months the replacement sofa began to fade.

The company replaced the sofa again. By then I was devastated. I realized that I had purchased furniture that was of very poor quality and that I had pissed away $2500 on a sofa and loveseat. I still have the living room set in my den, but I have to keep the room dark and keep a throw over the sofa, to hide the discoloration.

My first purchase of leather furniture was one of great disappoint.

I will never purchase leather furniture from Ivan Smith again. 306ed2f

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Aug 01, 2012 
Leather changes as it ages. I think you are a wee fussy to own leather.
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