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Invitation Processing - Invitation to Greatest Kept Secrets

Company Invitation Processing
Product / Service Greatest Kept Secrets
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
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I recieved this same letter a few days ago.It was a 3 page summary invitation into secret association of gifted individuals.

There is repeated phases that this is a secret and warns not to tell anyone else. It promises overwhelming life changes. It immediately proclaimed that I had been screened and found to share same special talents. Their was no demand for money or any thing except to return back page within 3 days.

I am not sure what this is all concerning. It just does not sound right.
I am also courious as to how this scam works. Has anyone ever responded as directed?

If so, was their any further communication? 2ff80ae

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Apr 07  from Kenansville, Florida
My 17 yr. Old has received one.
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Aug 23, 2013  from Salt Lake City, Utah
Don't answer them they ask u to buy a book so throw the letter away it's not worth ur time it's a scam
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Aug 01, 2013  from Lowell, Massachusetts
is the secret society real
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May 29, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
my fiancee received this letter- he asked me to read it over and give him my opinion....his letter was signed by a Bill. when i read about Bill and his so-called childhood- it was exactly former president Bill Clinton's life. the things people say and do these days just to take advantage of others. it's so pathetic.
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May 14, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
I received a 10 page letter and an invitation today. I'm going to check the box fax it since I see know one has tried returning the letter. I too ordered the Kevin Trudeau's book on Free Money so I'm assuming that is how they got my information. The letter is dated May 11, 2013 and postmarked May 10, 2013 then signed "Bill." If he's supposed to be one of the most powerful men in the world like he stated in the letter then my fax should be going to Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Bill Gross. We'll see. I am book marking this web site so I can come back and inform the masses.
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May 29, 2013  from Hollywood, Florida
why he never come back to write anything
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Dec 19, 2012 
LOL just got a 12p. letter today, Im going to change some numbers on it and put the Police Department address on the return letter.:roll
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Jan 21, 2013 
Great idea. I think I will see if they will mail it to themselves. LOL while PDDLG.
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Sep 25, 2012 
I just got my letter today. As i was reading it i got excited because I felt like I was in so Harry Potter like ***. But after, then I noticed in the letter, it says, "he looked me in the eyes and said kevin, i know you're special." and then the letter was signed John. So i knew there was something suspicious. Then I looked up the poker and book and it told me about Frank Wallace.

Thank you for responding and stopping me from sending in an answer. What creeps me out though and why Im WTF is how they have my full name, and my address.
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Jan 21, 2013 
I thought the same thing Kevin and John. But remember John starts the letter, then introduces Kevin's story as 1st person (Kevin is also the guy who sold you something recently and also responsible for this invitation letter - that is how they got your name and address). John picks up the story again after the second asterisk break which begins "Although the above famous mystery man from Las Vegas..."
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Sep 25, 2012 
8 pages long.. He does reveal his name.. On one of the Pages he says he looked me right in the eyes and said Kevin.He is brilliant. First,He is right we all have special hidden traits.Second, He is brilliant for pumping us all up, words are powerful when used the right way. He recognized us, which means acknoweleged us and when people are recognized they begin to do more. its like being manipuled but because we want to. being recognized and acknoweledged is another way to get You to do exactly what they want you to do because you want to do it.. Think about it:) He is pretty clever!
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Jan 21, 2013 
You are absolutely right!!! I new it wasn't true, but while I read the letter, I secretly wanted it to be true (that's why I read the entire letter). For just a small moment I felt special. Everyone knows that they are special, and set apart from the ordinary. But when you here it from someone else it has a much stronger effect. :sigh
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Sep 17, 2012 
I suppose it is not surprise that I received the letter two weeks after I got the Kevin Trudeau's book on Free Money. At least I got some gas coupons with the book that covered the cost of the book (if they honor the coupons that is!) The book is full of info I already knew or couldeasily obtain. I did find one web site i might not have located and if anything comes of it that will be just about the whole value.
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Jan 21, 2013 
I added it up by thinking of a late night show with a host named Kevin. I was right about the guy's face I pictured, but wasn't sure if his name was Kevin. Then I realized that it was the same guy I had bought Free Money from. But my assumptions were reinforced when I read your comment. Thanks. :x
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Sep 10, 2012 
8) I'm confused by the fact that this letter keeps repeating that these secrets are free of charge, and yet my Free-Membership Invitation Form has an account number. Not only that but toward the end of the letter they begin to say that they are "subsidizing" the cost of getting this oh so secret package. Subsidize can be used as another word for finance and my student loans are subsidized and I have to pay them back, just not until I finish school. I assume that if I send in this letter I will eventually recieve a bill and I just don't have time to deal with that right now. This is the kind of thing that can end up on your credit report and cause years of headaches, not happiness. If we are all so gifted and have the ability to read minds and see into the future then surely we would see right through this bulls**t.
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Jan 21, 2013 
It doesn't mean you will pay necessarily, but it does sound like this company is manipulating our tax system to their advantage, given the fact that there is an account #. Good eye. I think the IRS might find this interesting. I might get my money back from their *** book also. But there is a chance that they might manipulate you into a credit check which does show up on a credit report and which can lower your rating effectively especially if you are just starting to build credit (as most students are).
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Aug 29, 2012 
I got the letter recently.. I got it a few years ago to and being curious, I responded. I don't recall the whole process, but there were other letters with bits and pieces, but never the real promise, until finally one day there was an "opportunity" for me to "donate", as I recall, to publish more materials to "benifit" others etc.... for that donation, I was to receive the ultimate opportunity to attend some secret/private meeting and the complete revelation..... After that, my opinion was formed... SCAM!
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Jul 27, 2012 
Kevin Trudeau's corp. GIN (Global Information Network, appears to be a ***, off of Frank R Wallaces original. with the addition of multiple levels to be bought into hahahaha key word bought, Im an optimist at heart and remain a skeptic to protect what we have worked hard to achieve, again some other key words WORKED HARD.
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Jul 27, 2012 
@ Confused May 21 2012, hope you found some answers if not, The originater: Frank R Wallace owned the Integrated Management Associates publishing company, a spin-off of I & O that publishes books and articles by various writers (including himself) concerning Neo-Tech.

Australian Fair Trading Minister Margaret Keech criticized Neo-Tech as a group of "***-artists", for claiming to select "a small handful of 'special' individuals" to receive "secret wisdom of ages", and then asking the individuals to pay money to obtain these "secrets".[4] Similarly, Tony Levene of The Guardian noted that the company was the subject of a 2000 ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom, in which the Authority stated that Neo-Tech had "not provided evidence, other than anecdotal, to show the guaranteed earnings, improvements to health, and other benefits" which Neo-Tech claimed to offer "had been, or could be, attained".[5]
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