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InvestorsHub - Membership '***'

Company InvestorsHub
Product / Service Monthly And Quarterly Subscription
Location Minot, North Dakota
Category Investment Brokerage
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I just got off the phone with InvestorsHub.advfn and here's how it went:
I called to cancel my 'membership' as I haven't even logged in in over 3 months. I had a monthly package at $16.95 and a quarterly package at $25.95. Total waste of money, I know. When I spoke with Ihub rep, I explained I wanted to cancel my membership and my credit card not be 'charged' any longer.

Ihub is 'slimey' as you must be very thorough and ask many questions or you just may find they continue to charge you. In my case after this rep looked up my account info, pausing as puching his keyboard, then stated "your membership has been cancelled, you should be all set, is there anything else?" I said "All set, huh? Is there anything left that may charge my credit card?" He says, -pause- "well yes, there's the quarterly package of $25.95"

Wow! Now I'm furious, I said "look, take anything and everything that may or may not charge my card and delete it! I don't want my credit card charged any more by Ihub." He said ok, but....your subscription ends May 7th (today is April 27th, 2011) and ADVFN's 'policy' is that they require a 30 day cancellation notice, which basically means...ADVFN will charge me an ADDITIONAL month (from May 7th to April 7th) to satisfy their freakin 'policy'.

Sorry folks, this is simple EXTORTION, even when I explained to this 'dirt-bag' company's 'rep' that I've been paying for months without using it, he didn't give 2 sh*ts about nothing other than 'soaking' a consumer for all it's worth. If you know of anyone thinking about 'signing up' for this 'scam', please give them a 'heads-up' and make sure they ask tons of questions.

InvestorsHub.ADVFN is *** and nothing more, soakers, extortionists imo....and nothing more. Good luck all. 2e2cd87

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Sep 22, 2012 
Call your credit card company and change your number. Plain and simple. They can't charge it. They can't come back at you either.
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Apr 12, 2012 
FREE alternative is InvestorsHangout.com ;)

FREE PREMIUM Memberships with UNLIMITED POSTS, unlimited PMs, Private Boards, Search features & View all Posts on boards, also it's even Free for IRPs. 8)
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Aug 24, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I was booted off I-SCAM for challenging admin when they limited me to 10 posts a day. I told them I was going to cancel my paid membership and they booted me. I still had 4 months remaining but they refused to issue a refund/credit.

I moved to Investors Hangout and it is great. The Mods are in control of their boards like I-SCAM was before they changed it.
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Jul 30, 2011 
A 30 day cancellation notice is absolute BS. They can stop accepting payments right there on the spot just like every other company that does business on and off the internet.
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