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Investors Place - Lost Investment with louis Navellier

Company Investors Place
Product / Service Louis Navellier News Letter
Location Livingston, New Jersey
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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In the spring of 2008 I received solicitations from Investors Place.com, this is a site that sells Navelliers news letter I purchased a 2 year subscription, needless to say by the end of the summer I lost my entire investment from his recommendations. I sent several emails to Investorsplace.com asking for a refund or to credit my account the remaining balance and that if they had any respect for me and to show me a gesture of goodwill on there part they should at least let me have the remainder of the subscription for free after all the money I lost, they replied with "we don't give anything for free", that shows me how they treat there cutsomers who lost everything from there recommendations, I would never recommend them to anybody 2dc1a65

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Jul 10, 2012 
I have read the AD by Louis Navellier. He really comes on like a "know it all". I keep asking myself, "If he knows so much about beating the market why is he willing to share all his secrets with me and many others"?
My advice ---Do your own research from many other sources like WSJ, Daily Investor, etc. and save the high cost of these investor letter fees.
Reply to Jay Rizzo

May 08, 2012 
I have been with Louis for several years and have done very well and beat the market by a lot. Granted in 2008 boo.e did very well any investor would know that.
Reply to bob

Feb 03, 2012 
Louis actually believes he is doing a good job. Investors-place scatters chumm to capture fish which is immoral and should be illegal.
Reply to dave

Jan 05, 2012 
Louis company is playing games to me

The first game is that I paid $149.94 us for his service. Three weeks later I cancelled the blue chip growth service ,they returned me only $112.95 us. No explanation ..
Their so called risk free trial is a lie. a full refund is a lie.

After I complainted again and again ,almost a month later the secomd game started:
Louis company started to say the refund check for $36.99 mailed to me. Then an endless waiting started....More than three weeks passed the so called check still " on the way " from US to Canada. Complained again....the second game started over again....Waiting continue……. and Louis WOULD NOT do nothing else

Waiting and waiting........until the end of...

shame on Mr. Louis Navellier shame on Mr. Louis Navellier shame on Mr. Louis Navellier
Reply to Louis company is a lier

Jun 08, 2011 
I lost big with his newsletter as well. I thought the guy had a proven track record so I took his advice....figured he knew a lot more than I did. I could have done flipping a coin.
Reply to Mark

May 20, 2011 
It's foolish to expect others to take responsibility for one's own choices. Buying recommendations and information is a great deal for the seller but caveat emptor, as they say. Sorry for your experience but "experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted."
- Dan Stanford
Reply to eeproperties

Jan 03, 2011 
Louis Navellier ripped me off too. They would not return my 60 day money back guarantee on a subscription even though I had requested it before 60 days had elapsed. The said they had sent me subcription material predating my subscription date so I was beyond my 60 days. Go figure?
Reply to Stephen Kittle

Dec 19, 2013  from Berkeley, California
I experienced the same thing - got Blue Chip Growth with a "SIX MONTH" money back guarantee and when I phoned to cancel they said it was a "180 day" guarantee but from the date of the VISA card charge and not from when the first issue came which was several weeks after. It doesn't say this. I also explained I haven't used the service and with six months should have had another few weeks to cancel without penalty...

Very disappointed with their moral value system.
Reply to LA

Nov 23, 2010 
Folks, it's best to rely on your own homework. If wrong, you won't be looking for scape goats. If right, it boosts your conviction for the next trade. I've taken news letters, but just use them to look at a different perspective. Some of my worst investing came from WSJ, Barrons and Forbes. Dance to your own drum beat!
Reply to Jimbob

Nov 23, 2009 
I am sorry for the loss to Stephenroy66. I have become suspicious of the claims made by Navellier so started to explore whether there were any concerns about his claims being bogus. So much of what Navellier claims is contrary to other Financial Analyst such as Morningstar. Many of the stocks that Morningstar says to buy now, Navellier says to absolutely sell. Frankly, I am trying to understand if Navellier is legitimate but just arrives at his opinions through a different means or is he making false claims in an attempt to get more subscribers. I wish we could know if StephenRoy had invested according to Morningstar's guidelines if he would have experienced the same losses.
I wish that any and all disatisfied subscribers of Navellier website would likewise post concerns.
Reply to KKL

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