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Dont Let This Happen TO YOU! Invent Help Is A Scam

Company Invent Help
Product / Service Invention
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category Advertisements and Cons
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Invent Help, helped themselves to my money onlY!
Notice the only thing that has been invented which was a hundred years ago is the Slip N Slide.
Do not let this company fool you.
In the month of July of 2008, I went to the company called Invent Help.
This company is for people whom have inventions and want it on the Market Place.
Invent Help, helps people to launch their ideas and claims they help put your product in the Market Place.
I personally do not believe this to be true due to the fact of why I am writing to you today and the information I have been learning in the past few months.
I get is a lot of hot air!
On July 8, 2008 I was asked signed papers stating I give Invent help permission to research my product to see if there are any other products similar to my invention and to check the patent aspect of this product. The fee for this was $1000.00, which I agreed to pay and was paid in full based on Mr. Fosters information given me, at the time.
Mr.Joe Foster. whom is one of the spokes people for Invent Help.
The results came back as, there are not any products even close to my invention and the idea is patent-able.
I then was told I would have to pay a SMALL FEE for the Company Invent Help to get my product out into the Market Place which when a buyer comes a long , on top of the so called SMALL FEE which turned out to be $12,000.00, Invent Help wants from me , I would then pay Invent Help 22% of any offer made on my product if it is sold or displayed.
I was given a hundred papers or so to read.
I take all the information home to read with many of questions I needed answers to.
My main question was what if I say yes to all because I have money today, but I loose my job tomorrow and can not afford to pay being the payments are going to be $300 + dollars a month and the total amount due is $ 12,000.00 + . I explained to Mr. Foster I do not want to have a problem with my credit in the future nor do I want to be in debt over this?
Mr.Foster informed me and I quote The company that you will be paying your monthly payment to is a PRIVATE Company hired by Invent Help and works for us (meaning Invent Help) and will work with you if you have a payment problem and does not reflect your credit.
Mr. Foster said we (meaning Invent Help and Universal) will put your process on hold until you are able to pick up the pace of your payments and as far as your credit goes, being that Universal is a Private Company hired by US (meaning Invent Help), we have nothing to do with putting any marks on any persons credit if we had to stop the process of Marketing your product.
Money became extremely tight since January of 2010 and I have tried to understand why neither of these companies are willing to do what was said by the Invent Help company's Mr.Foster spokesman said BEFORE I SIGNED if I ran into a finance problem.
I have been arguing with both companies over this project for the past two months. Now I am out of $6,000.00 and my invention is not on the Market.
I called Mr. Foster and wanted to know why BEFORE I SIGNED the papers I was told one thing and a year later I have fallen on financial hard times, why is it that what was said by you (meaning Mr. Foster) when I signed the papers is not what is being done?
His reply is he will call the company and talk with them. In the mean time I have pulled my credit report and low and behold on my credit I am in the hole for 3 months of none-payment to the company of Universal which I was told is a private company and will not impare on my credit. I did get a call back from Mr. Foster and the reply is there is nothing he can do, he spoke to this person and that person. I said I do not understand , YOU SAID BEFORE I SIGNED TO AGREE TO THE TERMS, I WOULD BE ABLE TO STOP THE PROCESS AND PICK UP WHEN I AM BACK ON MY FEET AND THAT NO BAD CREDIT MARKS WOULD BE ON MY CREDIT!
I also told Mr. Foster UNIVERSAL IS ON my Credit Report.
This is not what you said would happen.
This company has NO RIGHT to have people sign papers under false information which is a bunch of smoke being blown in unmentionable places and being taken advantage.
I do not believe Mr.Foster when he says, he did not know the process would be unable to stop nor do I believe he did not know my credit would be marked BECAUSE HE SAID THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN AND IT DID.
I believe he did know this information before I signed the papers and still had me sign these papers anyway, but just did not care as long as I signed and if in the future I would fall on hard times because he did his part in false having me sign these papers and he still collects his check with out a problem which means he has earned his Browne points for the company of Invent Help and Universal which now he is acting like Universal is the company I signed with, but I was told I am with Invent Help, but this is not the case. Suddenly Universal is the one calling the shots and the Company Invent Help is on the back burner as a sister company.
I want action.
On top of this, this SCAM COMPANY INVENT HELP sends me every 3 months the same list of companies Invent Help claims they have sent my product to.
It is the same ALL THE TIME With the same list of companies.
Its as though there are 20 companies in their data base and every other month they change the lay out of the list, but if you read the list, they are all the same just in different order.

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Apr 09 
I'm a kid with an idea (I'm not going to say because I don't even have a prototype yet, I only have a couple hundred dollars for a patent and materials). I saw an ad for this company and even saved the phone number, but then I saw this. Thanks (I mean it.)
Reply to Little Sister

Apr 05 
If it's not in the contract, it's not in the contract. Sorry to say, but it sounds like this is entirely the result of your negligence in researching the terms of something you signed and agreed to.
Reply to Brett

Apr 06 
Sounds like you work for them...
Reply to Nicky

Mar 21 
Here's a company that can help with your invention there the best and they are not all about money www. kingmari.com email them they can send you info :grin
Reply to chip

Mar 08 
They have had an ad running for years now that is more 90s than new kids on the block. Honestly, it's not a question of booksmarts but just plain streetsmarts. If any of you have ever had a job interview you should be able to distinguish real from scam. Go apply to like ADT security and when some sketch hood rat shows you his keys In the interview and tells this can be yours.. Laugh, and exit the room. Just think.. If its too good to be true, well it probably is. Also, you wrote all these negative reviews people.. Did you not think to take other warnings seriously? And now you warn others? I'd like to think most people have a lick of sense.. Go get a real job and work. Alright I'm done.
Reply to Your Brain

Nov 22, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
was just thinking to go to them.now ,i wont.tnx.
Reply to ana

Sep 11, 2013  from Bogota, New Jersey
Thank you, I won't try to call them never again
Reply to Chris

Jul 08, 2013  from Far Rockaway, New York
I have NO IDEA who clicked the bs (thumbs down) for invent help so many times . . . It is beyond OBVIOUS in an instance such as this that this is exactly how all of those negative thumbs down came to be. There is not 1 reasonable and prudent person that would believe otherwise

Reply to The Truth

Jul 05, 2013  from Redding, California

STOP! Don't invest a single dollar into your invention -- help company you're thinking about using to solicit your so-called great idea until you read this:
Invention Home company as well as all of the other invention - help companies will take your money and you will get nothing for it in return! This is a 97% accurate statement!
Only 3% of inventions/ideas solicited by these invention - home companies are accepted by manufacturers/private companies. Invention Home told me this. I believed at least one of the two inventions I paid them $6000 to make a product presentation of my inventions and solicit it to potential manufacturers/private companies would have fit within that 3%. WRONG! I foolishly believed my two inventions/ideas would be accepted and produced by a manufacturer or private company. I honestly believed my two products would have sold well in the stores if produced and presented. I believed this because the products I invented were extremely useful and appreciated because I enjoy using it at home as well as my friends, family and neighbors. They all said they agreed with me how useful and beneficial like two products were and they still have and use the prototypes I made and gave each of them. Does this sound familiar to you regarding your inventions/idea?
This website indirectly solicits possible customers to lawyers to consider taking on the case for the people who place posts at this
... Show more
Reply to They took my $ too!

Mar 26  from Rochester, New York
Thank you for your insight & helpful advice!!i have been through some of their process & now trying to go about the next step! Not easy without the money
Reply to Ktina

Apr 24, 2013  from Brecksville, Ohio
maybe your invention just plain sucks the big one.
Reply to bill

Jun 20, 2013 
To the guy that says maybe your invention just plain sucks, he probably works for invent help because they are scam artist. During trying times companies like this who I call dream catchers work on the people who want to win. In this case it is an invention. They side just above the law and come up with paperwork that you need an attorney to review before you sign it. :(
Reply to ggmoney

Mar 24, 2013  from Miami, Florida
Too all whom read my post; please excuse the many errors. I actually composed my post via my cell phone and with word prediction app and limited function, some words seem to make my sentences sound pretty ***.....my apologies ! O:-)
Reply to Orelem

Mar 24, 2013  from Miami, Florida
Invent help had scammed the many in here as a API called invention submission substance company did to me back inn the 1970s. That company's name was, Raymond Lee Organization. They were located in New York City at the time and after speaking to someone there and drawing my invention/idea on their grid paper and submitting the same to them, several months went by, I attempted to contact them by telephone, however they never responded. Long sorry short, one day my dad called me from the living room to rush and check out the news. The report on channel 7 news in New York, was an exclusive investigation on this company our fictitious company called, Raymond Lee Organization! The idea never came out as I had drawn it up, however some attributes of the idea I have to RLO, have been integrated into the office electronics since then. These people are predator with allot of pull and knowledge of laws and bylaws, our else they would not get away with their unscrupulous acts. We consumers must demand legal protection from the government or obtain legal representation before ever thinking of submitting any ideas that can cost us dearly, to all of these predators. People, before submitting anything to any body claiming they can help you with your ideas our inventions, first try to patent your idea with the department of parents in your city. At least if we have a patent, these process cannot or should not be able to stall the same from us.
Reply to Orelem

Feb 16, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
You have the reading level of a 10 year old. Almost impossible to read. Hard to imagine you invented anything.
Reply to Whatever

Feb 04  from Nelson, British Columbia
The person commenting on the reading leave. You are an ***. Reading level an intelligence are not correlated. people with dyslexia can have very poor reading ability but have IQ's that are on the genius level Shame you appear to be the one who lacks intelligent
Reply to Sean Mckenny

Jan 11, 2013  from Doylestown, Pennsylvania
I should have know it was a scam the comarcial made it look to easy, and when i call to ask questions they just said we will have a representative call you a they never called back JUST LIES!!!
Reply to kenny

Jan 05, 2013  from Foley, Alabama
i also paid $ 1,000 to invent help plus $500.00 then they said i needed $14,000 more with my product still only on paper & all the pep talks & lies from them just to take my money, if i had thousands upon thousands of dollars why would i bother with a company i would have just manufactured my own product instead of trusting someone who i found out only stole my money! money i didnt have to just give away to a scammer
Reply to REALLY ?

Dec 19, 2012  from Silver Spring, Maryland
wow, you're really dumb. There's a sucker born every minute, as P.T. Barnum said. A little help going forward, giving money up front like that, blindly, is not a GOOD sign. You should be showing your invention to people, and they should be giving YOU money if they believe in it, or setting up the infrastructure to help you (and them) be successful. Someone telling you to just give them money, so so dumb of you to give it to them. Did you go to college? Do you have a modicum of common sense? I do feel bad, because if you're dumb enough to go about all of this in the way you did, I can't imagine your "invention" was of any real significance, it's unlikely you had a real breakthrough on your hands, just a simple consumer good of little technological import, which makes it all the more tragic that you wasted so much money and time, for literally nothing. Hopefully you learned a lesson.
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