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InterMax - Gluteo Max does not work and won't refund your money

Company InterMax
Product / Service Gluteomax
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Category Cosmetics and Toiletries
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Update added by user Jul 20, 2012
Since I had been unsuccessful in resolving this complaint via 3 phone calls, I decided to e-mail my request for their guaranteed refund, and a link to this complaint. The e-mail address (printed on their literature and on-line) came back to me as undeliverable!
Original review posted by user Jun 19, 2012

GluteoMax claims to increase the size of your buttocks as well as firm it.They have a "Try GluteoMax Risk-Free For 90 Days" offer and a seal that says "Money Back Guarantee 90 days risk free".

At 30 days I called to say it was not working. Carlos spouted statistics, said I had to try as directed for 90 days and said if at 90 days it still did not work he would refund my money. He called me at about 60 days and then when I said it still was not working he gave more advice, spouted same statistics and told me that I had to have saved all 9 bottles (3 products for 3 months each) and return them all to get my money back. When I said he told me at 30 days he would refund my money if it didn't work he said website says I had to return bottles.

He kept repeating, "the website says, the website says". He admitted that he told me he would refund at 90 days and admitted he did not tell me at that time to save the bottles. But insisted he had no control.InterMax Labs has found a way to basically never have to refund money because any normal person throws out bottles when they are empty. If Carlos had told me at 30 days I had to return all bottles I would have started saving at that time.

At 30 days I had them all and would have been able to. But he did not, because he clearly did not want to have to honor their guarantee and refund my money. He did not keep his word. The product did not work for me, and I have found all over the web that it does not work for others – in spite of the statistics Carlos spouts.

The guarantee is worthless.

He has no remedy for resolving problems, no show of good will.Do not buy InterMax products GluteoMax or BosomMax. 306ec96

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Dec 09, 2013  from Hilton, New York
figures... its a shady company that has attempted to knock off the real "glutimax" product! I ordered the real stuff at:


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Jun 19, 2013  from Aliso Viejo, California
Thanks for your post, I was going to buy them, but your post sounds real. Thanks again...
Reply to Alice

Jun 09, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
Ir all depends on how u look if ur really fat u wont see
Reply to jess

Jun 09, 2013  from Acton, Massachusetts
not the case
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