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InStyler - im african american and iwanted an in styler but now im scared!!!!!!

  • by   Feb 15, 2011
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Company InStyler
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
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I wanted an In styler for a long time.Im african american and the commercial looked liked it could do wonders for your hair.I would like to here from people of ethnic background to see how well it worked for them becouse to tell you the truth after hearing all of this Im scared to buy one.I also dont see how the company can go on with all these complaints of breaking and burning makes me wonder if its over exaggerated.Some of you people should go on dateline or something and expose them if its all true. 2db27b0

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Jan 05 
I've had the instyler for 2yrs and I love it. I use it on my hair and my 9 and 12yr old girls. We are African Americans and I find the best result is after washing the hair and drying it then instyling it with no chemicals or grease is the best.
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Sep 30, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
So I just recently purchased the perfector hair fusion and I HATE IT!!!! It doesn’t work like in the commercial. I have to run it threw my hair about six times for it to get straight and it still looks puffy, I thought maybe it’s my hair, so I tried it on my cousins, sister and mom it still doesn’t work. I also have the insyler and it works a million times better than the perfector. I'm going to call and ask for my money back. To me this tool doesn’t work and it’s not worth the 100.00 dollars it advertise for
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Sep 10, 2013  from Baltimore, Maryland
You guys seem to be talking about 2 different products here - the InStyler and the Perfecter Fusion Styler. They are not the same product!
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Sep 02, 2013  from Egg Harbor, New Jersey
I purchased the Perfecter, looked like it was an awesome hair tool. When it says not to use on ‘wet’ hair, ALSO don’t use it on damp hair or if your hair/scalp is not COMPLETELY dry. Altho I came out of the shower and my hair was dry, apparently, maybe my scalp was damp from showering or getting ‘hot flashes’ in the midst of hair styling. But I blowed dry around the nick of my hair to make sure all was dry and when I began using the Perfecter at the back of my neck, the hair got all tangled up, couldn’t get it out and both myself and my husband tried to gently get the hair out, had to eventually cut the hair off. Luckily, it was at the base of my neck. So, moving forward, I still use my regular curling iron and ‘somewhat’ use the Perfecter for the top/sides of my head. But I also found that since I have extremely thin/fine hair, my hair still seems to get tangled in the Perfecter. I have not found it to be as ‘perfect’ as the commercial looks. I beiieve there is a warranty and I will probably send it back. For me, the negatives ‘out weigh’ the positives. Hope others have better luck than I did since It really is an amazing commercial
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Aug 21, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
I like mine but the tip keeps falling off. Is that happening to others?
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Aug 20, 2013  from Newport News, Virginia
You can talk to consumer protrction agrncy in your state to get your money back.
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Aug 15, 2013  from Metairie, Louisiana
I am caucasian with chemically treated slightly wavy hair a bit longer than chin length...I bought the Instyler and though I had no issues with breakage etc. related to the Instlyer it was a HUGE crock of *** and a waste of money! The brushes around the rotating rod are too close together and it makes it so your hair doesn't really want to go between the brushes and since one side of the tool is kinda exposed it becomes very easy to burn your skin if you place it wrong when attempting to give yourself volume.

I use a Chi flat iron for straightening my hair and have for years with no issues but I was really hoping to get the extra volume at the roots the Instyler claimed it could give.

FWIW I bought my Instyler at Target and they let me return it there for store credit when I said the tool did not work as it claimed and returned it the next day with the receipt.
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Aug 12, 2013 
I placed an order July 1st/13 and still have not recieved the item. I did however get an email from the company saying there was an overwhelming response to the infomercial and all orders are delayed. I have not been charged and will be calling tomorrow to find out what is really going on.
Reply to Siobhan

Aug 10, 2013  from Mesa, Arizona
I ordered the Perfecter fusion styler, one week later it has not shipped, could not reach a person in the USA and the person I tried to talk to sounded like she was working In a basement sweatshop. Could not hear her most of the time for the noise. My problem is still not resolved but will cancel the order on Monday. Definitely, do not recommend ordering on line, I should know better. Sounded too good to be true.
Reply to Sam

Jul 09, 2013  from Falkville, Alabama
I ordered the Fusion Styler Perfector the 6-7-13 and cancel the order the an hour later. They took $111.97 out of my account then. I can not get my money back from the company and have contacted our state AG. I have contacted them 5 time and each time took the checks in the mail!!! I have forward the email they send to my State AG and hope they can do something.
Reply to Janet

Dec 15, 2013 
Did you file a claim with your bank to get your money back?
Reply to Anonymous

Jun 19, 2013 
I am mixed and have curly thick long hair the instyler works great for me I never have any problems with it and it doesn't take as long as a flat iron
Reply to Little bug

Aug 11, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
I am very interested in buying this product, but I am very nervous :upset how long have you used it? Does it damage your hair?
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Dec 23, 2012  from San Diego, California
I am a Black woman and I love the In Styler. If it doesn't work you're not using it right or use the smaller barrel size and no product until after you have washed and straightened your hair. You also may have to use smaller sections like the instructions say. Then after add a nice smelling oil. Try to limit use to once a week and we can get rid of the weaves. Its okay to wash your hair only once a week but Saturday, save time. It takes about an hour or two. I use it on my daughter and have stopped using perms. Her hair has grown and she likes having nice smelling hair not Essence of Burning Product on her scalp. End of stank hair! I love it...
Reply to It Works for African Americans

Apr 14, 2012 
I was skeptical after hearing reviews 2 yrs. ago, so I didn't buy it. My niece didn't care about the reviews and purchased one recently. My daughter has fine and thin hair - she is twelve and I do not put chemicals in he; a.ywau she goes to my nieces to get her flat ironed every week by my sister. She came home two weeks ago and her hair was soft silky and very beautiful; like she had been to the salon. I said your hair looks different this time did they use the Instyler and she said yes, so I told her if it makes your hair look that good I will go buy one. She said wait until you see D's hair (my niece). I saw it and couldn't stop playing in her hair she got soo many compliments. It worked very good. I orderdd mine, just waiting for the arrival. There are 2 sizes available and they have purple and pink. Can't wait.
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Feb 02, 2012 
I purchased an instyler yesterday and so far I love it! After using it my hair is bouncy and soft and shiny. The instyler works better on my hair than a flat iron which normally leaves my hair flat and damaged! And I noticed that I wasnt losing hair like I usually do when I style my hair!
Reply to Misse

Aug 29, 2011 
Latina with very corse, thick, dry hair; my daughters and I all use the Instyler, and we love it! I've burned myself, but I've burned myself with flat irons too. It leaves my hair silky, and shiny, and my hairdresser loves it too!
Reply to Leticia

Aug 14, 2011 
I too am African American. I was skeptical about spending $100+ dollars for a hair product. I purchased my instyler from Walmart for $95. I am very please with the way it works and the speed of styling. I let my hair air dry and then usse the instyler. Like someone else pointed out, using lots of heat on relaxed hair can and almost always damage it. I ALWAYS use a heat protecting serum and never use the highest heat setting. Sometimes my ends crinkle and I have to re-run the instyler over that portion. Yes, you can easily burn yourself. However, I have burned myself with every heated styling product I have owned; including my hair dryer. Is there a product on the market that works as well? I am sure there is. I recently tried the double-sided brush (sold by Paul Mitchell and Avon)that you use with your blow dryer and I got the same results as my instyler.
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Jul 24, 2011 
I am black & has long thick hair. It work. But like any other device u can't use it daily. Becuz it will damage ur hair. But I do LOVE IT!
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May 30, 2011 
I've purchase the Instyler and I love it. I have a perm and it works wonders when I want to change my look from flat to curly. It also adds body to my hair as well. I've use this on my daughter's hair who does not have a perm and again it comes out lovely. I must admit it does takes practice but after a few tryes it fine. It also reduces the amount of stress and tenion that we normally use on our hair.
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