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IBC Bank - Sick of the excuses...

Company IBC Bank
Product / Service Checking Account
Location Norman, Oklahoma
Category Banks
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I have been banking with IBC for three years now.I never had an issue until the last year.

Just as every other person has posted they have charged me bogus overdraft fees. The most recent was today actually. My deposit went through this morning at midnight and my current balance was 3.52. My husband used the card late yesterday evening which somehow made the last three transactions overdrawn.

They claimed the debit went through before the other three yet that debit is still pending!!! I will be closing my account asap. They claimed this is every banks system.

Ummm...nope, I have never had this issue with another bank.They are thieves in my opinion. 2eea3dc

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Aug 27, 2013  from San Antonio, Texas
FEES ARE VALID with what you explained. If you have items pending and you swipe your card the night before your deposit comes in and those pending items then post that night while your balance is negative because of your last transaction then you are liable for overdraft fees. Deposit are not available till the next business morning that means just because you have deposit the NEXT day that it will prevent you from fees for items that post the night before. Hope you understand now how *** you are. COME ON PEOPLE THINK IF YOU SWIPE AND USE MONEY YOU DONT HAVE HOW IS IT NOT RIGHT TO CHARGE YOU????
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