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HSBC AUTO FINANCE - hsbc auto lien holder of my car i paid off 3 yrs ago???

  • by   Sep 12, 2010
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i have been trying to get a hold of hsbc auto dept to no avail.i sold my car to a friend only to find out i was not the lien holder?!?

when this was paid off 3 years ago! i have proof i have paid it off. i lost my pink slip and i am trying to get a copy, that's how i found out, they are claimig that they are the lien holder...

can someone tell help me?!?or direct me on how i can get ahold of anyone from hsbc to get the release of liability letter from them?!? 2d362b8

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Jul 16, 2013 
I've paid off both my vehicles in the past 9 months & yet to get satisfaction. I'm getting run around on phone as I type this now, first hsbc cant find my loan info they transfer me to Santander and got same thing now again on hold being transferred back to original hsbc. Garr getting very angry & frustrated.
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Jan 31, 2013  from San Diego, California
I am going through the exact same thing. I lost my ponk slip to a car I have owned for years now and am trying to sell but lo and behold....HSBC has a leon! So frustrating! The DMV said it was because I didn't file my pink slip?

Oct 01, 2012 
I have been asking for my title on my car I have call and someone in your office said that they was going to send me the title to my car but I have not got it.So will someone please send my title to Sago Rd #3 Applevalley Ca 92307. My vin number is 1N4DL01D9XC253164 its a 1999 NISS you can call me 323-806-5972 Thank you
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Jun 26, 2012 
I was told HSBC has a lein on my automobile it's being paid off about4years the vin#JA4MT2H11P009673 PLEASE mail to 467 Dewdrop Cir.aptE Cincinnati,Ohio 45240
Reply to Charles Farley Jr.

Dec 27, 2011 
I need a copy of my title but have been told it has a lien. My loan was paid off in 2009. My HSBC account number was 500001550769-3 for a 2003 Chev - Vin#1G1ND52J43M652509. Please mail title to 15590 Wendell Pl Tyler, Tx 75706.

Is this possible to do immediately?

My number is 903-780-9244 or email of theresa@cavenders.com or t_segroves@hotmail.com

Thank you for immediate help with this.

Nov 30, 2011 
im hoping someone from management get a hold of this comment from frustrated customer they once had and was left to severe frustration like myself after we fulfilled our obligation to them. Im hoping they would act immediately to satisfy US..CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEASE !!!! WE HAD GIVEN YOU THE BUSINESS WITH THE INTEREST NOW ITS YOUR TURN TO PROVIDE US WHAT YOU PROMISE....CEO..MANAGER...
Reply to dearbabe

Mar 22, 2011 
Hey you guys this is the number to call

18009629705 leave a message with your

information. I wish you the best.

I got my release leter today.
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Mar 22, 2011 
I have had my car for over 10 years paid off over 6 years. Tryed to get a new title from Seceratary of State there is still a lien on the title. This means they still own the car. That is B..S...I am going to the media
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Oct 22, 2010 
I am trying to get my title in Washington state and I can not get anyone on the line. The release of lien they sent me was not notorized so the DMV won't accept it!! I will never deal with HSBC again!
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Oct 12, 2010  from Ringtown, Pennsylvania
note that mytitlesupport.com will offer you the option of getting the lien document faxed for another $4...while you wait for the printed copy.

SCAM: they shipped the printed copy without faxing the document.
Reply to rob

Oct 01, 2010  from Morrison, Oklahoma
I made contact with someone....
you can also go and retrieve a copy from:
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Oct 01, 2010  from Morrison, Oklahoma
I am going through the same darn thing! DMV will not give you a clean title until they receive the original "Maryland Notice of Security Interest Filing" HSBC was suppose to send them the original but they NEVER DID!!!! These people are really *** me off!!!!!!
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Sep 23, 2010 
the company is the lien holder until you transfer the lien. duh. contact the DMV
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