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  • by   Feb 25, 2012
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Company HR Block
Location Birmingham, Alabama
Category Tax services
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This is a scam to get u to take this card,i was told by h@r block that if you withdraw money from and allpoint atm you would not be charged.This is a big fat lie!!!!they take $2.50 out each time.Never will i get this card again!!!!!!!Called them they said your not getting charged for using the machine its a charge for h@r block!All i can say is this sucks so please do not get this card its not worth it!!!!!!!Please these people lie and thats not fair to us.u need to say this up front 30688a2

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Mar 07, 2012  from Piedmont, California
That 2.50 is the HR Block ATM charge. You're not getting hit by an additional ATM charge by a bank on top of it.

So if you went to HSBC Bank, for example, you'd get hit by the 2.50 from Block and the 3 dollars or so from that individual ATM.

All points just saves you an additional ATM charge NOT the HR Block ATM charge.

If your prepaper didn't tell you this, then shame on them. If they did and you just didn't listen to them, that's on you.

Take the card to Walmart and use it as a debit and get cash back OR a grocery store in the future, then you are hit with ZERO ATM fees.

So technically, you can go buy a dollar candy bar, get 50 cash back and pay 51.08 or whatever your state sales tax rate is on a dollar.

Hope this helps!
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Feb 29, 2012 
all charges are disclosed, I always told people the card is great if you use it right.

If you use at let's say Walmart, pay for your purchase and get cash back, then there is no fee related to this activity.

If you use a ATM there is a fee. It takes some planning, but you can use it for no extra fee.

Did you know though, there was a fee to get the card up front? Always take the time to understand what you are getting, the tax preparer must disclose to you.
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Feb 25, 2012 
Why use H&R Block before, and especially after, this incident? There are plenty of smaller companies that get better service, lower prices and preparers with more experience. SOMEBODY has to pay for all those nationwide TV ads from HR Block!
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Feb 25, 2012 
Of course it is a scam. However, they only take advantage of people dumb enough to 1. pay to have their taxes prepared and 2. equally dumb enough to need their refund asap.

Responsible people would never fall for this trick.
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