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HR Block - Emerald Advance- Only if you have perfect credit!!

  • by   Dec 08, 2013
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Company HR Block
Product / Service Advance
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Category Tax services
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I have been filing my taxes with H&R Block for the past six years.I have been getting an emerald advance through them for the past three.

I recently went into an office to get an emerald advance for this year. I got denied for having insufficient credit history. Although I have been a loyal customer for six years, and have never once paid my emerald advance late. The woman apologized and said they do credit checks this year.

It's pretty sad that your credit history speaks louder than being a good customer.H&R block has lost my business for good. 308c9c3

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Dec 08, 2013  from Columbia, Kentucky
You really need to get your life and finances in order if you need to borrow money from H&R Block every year. Why would you expect anyone to loan you money without a credit check?
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Dec 18, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
Some people enjoy getting a little extra to spend on Christmas knowing they get more back at income tax time...just cause they don't have sufficient credit history doesn't mean it won't be paid back on time...if you must whine about someone else's misfortune maybe you loan then the money or get a life..that's inconsiderate of you regardless
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