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HR Block - Customer for 17 Years, always got the loan also DENIED this year.

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
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Company HR Block
Product / Service Rapid Refund
Location Buffalo, New York
Category Tax services
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I've been a customer for over 17 years, I started with the Rapid Refund, then when the Emerald advance came a long, I was amongst the fortunate who were approved each and every year.This year 2013, DENIED!!!

Too many credit obligations was the reason. Too Funny...They charge me over $350.00 For my tax preperation and no longer offer the rapid refund option, now no advance either??? H & R Block definitely lost me as a customer for 2013 Tax prep.

Good luck the rest of you, However is you can get money by other means, I suggest you try.Forget HR Block BTW I'm in Buffalo, NY. 2dff24c

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Feb 05  from Bradenton, Florida
I too was denied an Emerald advance (estimated refund $8000+) and have used H&R
Block for many years. Reasons for denial were all lies which I can prove with a credit report. I was suspicious of the denial as I had spent 3 years paying off all debts and have been debt free for 2+ yrs (except rent, utilities, insurance, etc). During these past 2 yrs i only made purchases I could pay cash for. My income averages $100,000 per year. I have only had 1 civil judgement against me (which, BTW, was for a final payment that I thought I paid but turned out I still owed one more due to a deferred payment early in the account history). I obtained a credit report from the agency they said they used and there was no credit inquiry by H&R Block bank. Sounds like some kind of fraud to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 14, 2013 
They are ridiculous they denied me 350 dollars my estimate refund 4000 really

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