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HR Block reviews, HR Block complaints, read HR Block reviews, find HR Block reviews, HR Block scam reports
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Industry: Tax services
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  • 479 complaints
  • $297,034 claimed losses
  • $620 average
  • 34477 since Feb 22, 2008

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HR Block
Main address: One H&R Block Way 64105 Kansas City MO
1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625), ,
HR Block reviews, HR Block complaints, read HR Block reviews, find HR Block reviews, HR Block scam reports
  • 479 complaints
  • $297,034 claimed losses
  • $620 average
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  • Apr 15
  • Portland, Maine
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • 5

This is the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I went to h&r block because I needed expert help. I did not get it, I had to tell the "expert" that she had prepared my taxes incorrectly and explain how to fix it. Now because ( my mistake) I paid them instead of just walking out. I have paid almost $400 to do my own taxes. When I called the local manager to complain I never heard... Read more

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  • Apr 07
  • Efile Payments
  • 10

DO NOT USE HRBLOCK.COM. Mislead me to pay for NY state e-file when they are not even approved by the state for e-file. The software tells me to pay to e-file, but the e-file will never work. E-file attempt gets "unable to process" message immediately. Afterwards, the only option is to print and mail the return. Essentially a bait and switch from e-filing to printing and manually sending it.... Read more

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  • Apr 05
  • Lakewood, Colorado
  • Tax Services
  • 19

I did my taxes Feb. 6 it is now April 5 and I still have not received anything, I paid them 295 dollars on Feb. 14 don't understand why I still have not received my check it's the worst experience, worst customer service ever will never go back to H&R block all they care about is getting their money right then and there but don't give a *** when the customer receives their money . Will NEVER... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Service Appointment
  • 3
  • 27

And I HAD AN appointment. When the lady I had the appointment was done with the client before me, she comes out to say she's done. She's not taking anyone else. There was someone else just f-ing around that could have done the return. Simple return. T4, rrsp, medical receipts (which I never got to copy and hey wouldn't copy out for me) told me to come back the next day. I brought last years... Read more

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  • Mar 13
  • Tax Filing
  • 1
  • 33

I went to file my taxes with H & R Block last week. I came in at 4:02 & left at 4:37pm. I asked Badia Cooper how much it would cost to file because I have used a CPA in the past & it was $270 but I had a 1099. Badia said let me take a look 20 minutes later I owed $230. I had to assist her with entering my information. All she did was copy from my paperwork & even got that wrong... Read more

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  • Mar 12
  • Burbank, California
  • Hr Software
  • 42

This will be my first and last experience with H&R. I e-filed my taxes with their software. Everything went through no problem. Got my refund, and H&R helped themselves to $260.06 of my money before the deposited the remainder into my account via direct deposit. I have a receipt showing I agree to $91.06 being deducted for using their software and filing. I confirmed my refund amount with... Read more

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  • Mar 11
  • Federal And State Taxes
  • 27

I filed both federal and state with them, Was charged for my state taxes. my federal was rejected. got a text saying that my state taxes would be refiled when my federal was accepted. I had to refile both taxes and they tried to charge me for the state taxes again. waited 2 weeks and my state taxes where never filed. Called them and they said that i had to pay again to get my state taxes filed,... Read more

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  • Mar 05
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 32

My husband and I filed our taxes with H and R block. The routing number was input incorrectly causing my bank to decline the deposit into my account. No one ever called to let us know this was going on. We finally called when we found out what happened (via phone calls to the bank). When I called h and r block I was told to contact their bank. I did so to find out they had cut and mailed a check... Read more

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  • Feb 22
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 33

Bad support and bad service and they don't care about my circumstance even though I have been using their products for last 7 years. I did e-file and HR BLOCK told me it has been received successfully but when i called IRS, they said they never received it. HR BLOCK refuses to provide me with the original transcript with very bad attitude. They said I can get it in the HR block location but I... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Sherman, Texas
  • Taxes Filing
  • 36

we are a single income family. filled our taxes the first of feb. They told us 2 to 3 weeks. our tax return still has yet to be given to us. we paid H&R $300 to do our taxes and do them right. turns out all we paid for was the old man to leave 2 numbers off our acct # and now the check is suppposedly in the mail. but its been *** near week and a half since it was mail. so why cant they give... Read more

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