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Home Depot sold us 2 different color stains the same color# and same squ. # they are so un helpful

  • by   Jul 16, 2008
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Company Home Depot
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Category Household Services
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I bought a 5 gal.behr paint from Home Depot, for our company to do a job for a client.

We finished up with the first 5 gal. and needed more stain so we went back to home Depot to get another 5 gal stain and when we looked at it with the paint department the girl said they look a little different but guranteed the 2 5 gal drums were the exact color the first 5 gal said# 401 natural stone stain upc 8247440105 then the 2nd 5 gal drum said #401 cedartone upc squ # 8247440105 both # & squ. # the same our guys got over to the job and started staining again then our manager got there due to our guy calling us to let us know the stains looked different. Our client came out to let us know also the colors are different and freaked out so we had to strip the stain the 2nd time worked all thru the night it endded costing us over a $1,000 out of our pockets.

I contacted the home depot GM.Bob Saniga PH # 616-975-7404 and the store acted like we did somthing wrong then the paint specialist told me & a worker named Russ the paint are made up of 2 different formulas & changed formulas 2-3 weeks ago he said he told Dave a manager this was a problem & Behr wood tone water proffing wood finish cedar natural stone & #401 squ # 8247440105 and 2nd bucket behr wood-tone water proffing wood finish #401 cedartone squ#8247440105 both squ match the one is much more red. service desk Melinda & Russ called over to paint location to tell Tony H. to tell us to leave the store and to take the paint with us. Tom Holbert told Dave in front of us that these were wrong and the formulas were changed a couple weeks ago.

Bob called me & told me to leave the paint so behr could check on them to find out what was going on i called the store a week later the GM Russ called me and said the paints were 5 years old and wasn't going to be able to do anything about it i asked him to have some one else and behr call me and no call has ever happened please help me with this issue Thank You Kellyann Driskell Office Manager with Castle Rock Cleaning Co.

ph.# 616-868-2200 2d69dc0

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Oct 19, 2008  from Truckee, California
Too bad you weren't in Colorado near the Broomfield store. They would have taken care of you and made things right for you. Broomfield cares about the needs of the customer.
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Sep 01, 2008 
:( I had a similar experience with the stock color "Natural Cedartone" After the first batch didn't go nearly as far as the can said, I purchased more. The new batch was a totally different color and had less pigment. I was told that I must have done something wrong. Home Depot no longer cares about it's customers.
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