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Hobby Lobby - Rude cashier and misleading sale post

Company Hobby Lobby
Product / Service Beads To Make Jewelry
Location Boise, Idaho
Category Luxury / Jewelry
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Was In your Boise,Id store and buying beads as on both sides in middle were 50% off signs.I don't see very well and the signs are very misleading.

The cashier T-6685 Nola A was the cashier. Reference #3338135805. She was very rude about the whole thing. I was there to spend $250 on beads and was checking out to see how much i had and was going back if I did not have this amount.

Obviously your store does not need my business every month. The customer service lady
was also rude if she would have smiled her face would have
cracked. Seriously I would have spent around $350 with some gifts and scrap booking supplies. I have never treated my customers in this manner when our business was open.

I wanted there business. Well, as much as I spend there every month as you lost my business today. I am human and not a dog.

Will pass on to friends and family how your business is conducted.I think they need to know how your store treats customers. 2e4ffb9

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Dec 05, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Just because an employee doesn't smile at you doesn't mean they are rude. Some people just aren't the smiling type, but that doesn't mean they aren't a good worker. You don't see very well, but you can do beading, sounds strange to me. I hate to tell you this but if somebody goes to the cashier to check out, in order to see if what they have equals the amount they intended to spend, and if it doesn't add up hold up the check out line, while you went back to get more stuff, would make you the rude one. The cashier would have every right to be upset about something like that. If you were going to be buying other merchandise besides the beads, why didn't you have that stuff in your cart when you wanted the cashier to allow you to do a trial check out? You weren't mistreated, also what dealings did you have with the Customer service department. As long as an employee doesn't yell, scream, beat on you they aren't rude. Quit acting like you are better than others and grow up!!!
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Dec 16, 2013  from Boise, Idaho
First off you were not there. Next you have no idea what was in my cart. I was not going to hold line up and go get additional beads. Hello!!! I have ran several businesses my self and did amazing. One being manager of Wal-mart. Get a grip and stick your nose and comments where they go!!! smh :grin
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Dec 19, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I work at Hobby Lobby, I deal with unbelievably rude customers all day long. They complain constantly. After hours of it, I am still trying to smile and be polite. It isn't easy. The 50% off signs are misleading, I agree, most people are in a hurry and assume that it's the entire isle. Instead of spending time here bashing cashiers who are human and do get tired, write corporate and demand better signs. I've had customers start putting up merchandise and then decide they need the restroom, and just walk away, leaving me and the rest of customers waiting. I then get yelled at and blamed by the next 5 angry people. I wish customers would use the complaints to fix the real issues. We have to memorize each item on sale, and the amount. This is very difficult. We do not use UPC codes, which is unfair to customers and cashiers. Mistakes happen. I wait for my lunch, put up my closed sign, and then have customers complain. I walk one foot away and they ask a question, after hearing I'm on lunch. I say someone else can help you- why can't you? I'm on lunch. Then they ask for my manager. I always assume they would want their lunch, so how rude to expect me to work through mine. I take my apron off and clock out. Walk to the restroom where someone recognizes me as an employee and I'm supposed to answer questions, physically take them to an item. I'm not even on the clock. So my opinion is that the customers are very rude, selfish and demanding. Think about that and imagine yourself... Show more
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Dec 19, 2013  from Glendale, Arizona
The phone dying complaint was the complaint before this one, I am just very frustrated by rude people. Get a job at hobby lobby, stand on your feet all day and ring up the customers. Stand in our shoes one day. Give the poor cashier a break. And it was horrible of you to name her on the internet like that. Horrible and wrong. You were a manager, key word was. Good thing your not. How would you have liked to deal with an irrational customer and have them post your name and number and store location? What a horrible thing to do..

Dec 31, 2013  from Boise, Idaho
I see your point with going to lunch. This has nothing to do with that. This is concerning the way in which I was treated as a customer. :x Your ranting is seriously taken and I agree but when u stand there and pick up all these beads then find out what u choose was not all on sale after calling first and driving 60 miles which, I did not mention it tends to be aggravating. Have a wonderful day which I certainly did not. But life goes on I just don't shop there. Problem solved. Thanks

Dec 31, 2013  from Boise, Idaho
The answer below should be yours as to abc grow up. I have a business and a very thriving one. Thank you very much! It is up to the people who view these as to what they let go on this site. :upset :zzz If you had of been there u would understand. Since yo were not who r you to judge. Last I heard it was not your job. It remains to be our most gracious heavenly Father. Get a grip on yourself have a nice cup of tea and relax u r gonna have a stroke. :eek

Jan 19  from Burlington, Wyoming
Well said! :) So many customers consider themselves to be beyond reproach, this is simply NOT the case! We are expected to put up with all sorts of unreasonable demands and downright belligerent behavior from random nutbags day in and day out. I have noticed that it is particularly bad during full moons. The real lunatics always come out in force then.
People like that should just stay home, shop online if they dislike the whole experience so much. After over 4 years in retail now, I am ready to leave the whole nightmare because of rude, crude, obnoxious twits who feel they are so entitled.

Jan 30 
I so agree with you! That's all I have to say.

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