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Hobby Lobby - I work there

  • by   Dec 16, 2013
  • Review #: 464297
Company Hobby Lobby
Product / Service Part-Time Work
Location Englewood, Colorado
Category Hotels and Resorts
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I work for Hobby Lobby I am a part-time stock man and i work about 4 days a week the pay is good but I close every time I work closing means that after we close we have to stay until the store is clean stockmen have to sweep the floor clean bathrooms and empty trash and as a high school student I don't think its fair to close during the week and on saturday on weekdays i work 4 to close which is whenever the store is clean and my normal schedule i work one random day and always work Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays so since i always work 1 to close on Saturdays i never get a friday or saturday night to go out with friends plus as a stock man when i close i clean and people are nasty plus with it being the christmas season stock man have to get tree's i am suppose to get a 15 minute break on a normal 5 hour shift but i never have time because it is way to busy after 6:00pm with clean up so you are not allowed to take breaks after 6 and before 6 i am bombarded with tasks that i am suppose to complete sometimes i feel $9.50 an hour is not enough for what i have to put up with 2e59c91

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Feb 18 
You have a job. Enjoy it. Since you're in HS and haven't yet learned how to use proper punctuation, this s h i t t y job is all you'll ever have. Run, Forest Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... :sigh
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Jan 30 
Where did you get that you aren't allowed on breaks after 6? We've had people take breaks as late as 7:30 on regular nights at our store. And if you work 5 hr shifts, you're actually supposed to get a 30 min lunch. Also, if you don't want to work both Friday and Saturday nights, you need to request it from your manager. That's what I did, and now I work only one weekend night each week, and they interchange between Friday (one week) and Saturday (next week). If you don't tell them, you will work what they want you to work. You choose your schedule. (I am also Part-Time.)
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Dec 16, 2013 
From everything I have ever heard the federal guidelines for teen employment is up until age 16 teens are limited in what hours they can work and the types of work they are allowed to do. That being said, I didn't see any place in the complaint that he says he is a student. If he is a student he could be in college, meaning he would be an adult. Like the first poster said you have a job. So you can't go out with your friend on Friday or Saturday night, there are other nights. If you have a job, that is part of life.
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Dec 16, 2013  from Des Moines, Iowa
You should read again - he clearly states that he is a high school student. Also, guidelines are just that - suggestions. States set their own employment laws and they do vary state to state.
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Dec 16, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
This may be an actual violation of labor laws. They vary by state, but they all have restrictions on what hours a student can work. Check the Dept. of Labor for your state. I agree that it is good for students to get part-time work but if the employer doesn't follow the rules, the student can damage their primary job - graduating.
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Dec 16, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Welcome to the adult world....where life is not fair. I've done far more for far less. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth....as the first poster stated.....at least you have a job.
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