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I found some money on floor at Hobby Lobby in Chandler, ARizona.

  • by   Nov 05, 2013
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Company Hobby Lobby
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I found $80.00 in cash on the floor today at around 3:30 PM. I told a young lady who seemed to be in charge of the cashiers about it. I said I needed to turn it in, but wondered if no one claimed it, if it could be returned to me as I could use it for Christmas gifts. I explained that this is what the police does if no one claims something after 30 days. She said she would wait a week and let me know. Then the manager, a man named Ken walked over to her and she explained the situation to him. He came to me and said the money could not be returned to me at all. He was very rude when explaining what Hobby Lobby does with found items. His attitude was really bad. I hope no one else has to deal with him.

Thank you,
Mary Fierro
fierro63@yahool.com 2ffe649

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Nov 05, 2013 
You should have taken the money to the police station. You can't depend on any store employee to return it to the finder if it isn't claimed. I learned my lesson several years ago when I was cleaning motel rooms. I was done for the day and went to take my trash out, when I walked outside there was a huge boom box and case full of cassettes on the side walk that I imaging somebody had set down while they put other items in the car. Anyway I picked it up and took it to the office when I went to punch out. I told the manager I had found it by a certain door and that I figured the owner would be calling about it. The manager said if anybody called about it, they would be told it hadn't been turned in. My thought was heck I could have taken it home with me and the manager wouldn't have known any different, for all he knew I could have brought it with me to work so I could listen to music while I worked.
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Jan 06  from Maricopa, Arizona
I was a cashier that day trying to get cashed out. I had to wait and keep checking out since both managers were busy dealing with the money. You should have just took it. The managers, Shelly and Ken spent the next 30 minutes calling you names and belittling you. They had nothing nice to say about you. They went so far as to call you a their trying to claim stolen money.
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Jan 06  from Maricopa, Arizona
To call you a thief trying to get stolen money
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