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Hobby Lobby Assumes All Patrons Are Thieves

  • by   Nov 06, 2013
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Company Hobby Lobby
Product / Service Checkout
Category Shopping
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Today while shopping with my toddler, he announced he needed to use the potty during my transaction at Hobby Lobby's checkout.I made my purchase, and proceeded to turn back around to head toward the restrooms.

An employee stopped me and informed me that if I was going back into the store I would need to leave my bag at the front desk. I told her I thought that was offensive, and she told me it was "company policy". I didn't have time to argue, so I left my bag and took my son to the restrooms. Afterward I returned all the merchandise.

I don't plan to shop Hobby Lobby ever again.

Assuming that everyone is a thief is bad business.Not very Christ-like for a Christian company. 2d8f5d9

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Apr 10  from Saint Louis, Missouri
i have shopo asped their during Christmas time for many years, and have never had an experience such as the ones in which you all speak of. I go to a store in Kirkwood, and everyone there is extremly nice and helpul. Hobby Lobby has always been a Christian company, and David Green is a hardworking and intellegent man. HE came to that store once, and complemented employees on different things. He has worked hard for the good fortune God has given to him. I also support the fact that no stores nation wide are open on Sundays at all. You do not see many businesses like that anymore. Faith seems to be a thing of the past for society, shich is very sad. Hobby Lobby will always have my support and may God bless Mr. Green and his family. I am so glad that one company stands up to Athiest people. God's blessings to this company.
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Jan 30 
You should not be offended. That is their company policy. They try to prevent theft by having customers leave bags that have the HL logo on it at the front so that other employees would not be suspicious of them later and waste their time. It's not like they were accusing you of anything.
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Jan 19  from Burlington, Wyoming
Employees are even MORE suspect! Management has to check us out, and is usually resentful about giving us our discounts. Everything we buy must be in a clear plastic bag, the idea being that we can't hide anything else in our bags.
EVERYONE is a crook to them. They really need to update their systems, and use scanners to detect merchandise unpaid for like most retailers use.
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Nov 19, 2013  from Branson, Missouri
That is really funny because I take things in all the time to match merchandise and supplies with my art business. After going into Hobby Lobby often ever since they opened here, I guess they know who I am and dont perceive me as a shoplifter. What I will say is this. Every time someone steal from any store, That loss has to be covered. The primary way that a retailer covers that is to raise the prices of the existing merchandise to the customer. So since Im sure you dont like higher prices, why are you so insulted that the retailer was doing its policy to protect your future purchases?
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Nov 07, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
It's unfortunate that the dishonesty of some affects the majority of honest people. It's not HL fault that this is the case. They have every right to prevent theft. The items in your bag belong to you but the items in the store belong to HL and they have right to protect that ownership. Do you expect them to profile everyone and only let those people deemed worthy walk through their store with a bag of merchandise that can easily be added to? Are you that full of yourself that this is what *** you off? Protecting what belongs to you is not un-Christian like... you would protect your belongings wouldn't you? Do the world a favor and shop online.....
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Nov 06, 2013 
Some stores have signs on the doors of their restrooms to leave the shopping carts and merchandise outside of the restrooms. I don't think Hobby Lobby is wrong in that policy. Myself I don't shop there because of their religious beliefs.
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Dec 23, 2013  from Glendale, Arizona
As an employee, let me assure you that even though the owner is Christian, the employees are not. My co workers are horrible, back stabbing and cold. Nothing Christian.
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Feb 18  from Manhattan, New York
^^ that's funny. All of the Christians I have been in contact with are horrible, mouthbreathing, slackjawed, back stabbers. The kind that will treat you like carp because their jebus will shave them from H E double hocky sticks LL, you know, when he decides to float on down to destroy all of us nonbelievers.
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Feb 19 
Then they're not real Christians. Those are the kind of "Christians" that give the true ones a bad name.

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