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Hobby Lobby - A rude cashier

  • by   Nov 17, 2013
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Company Hobby Lobby
Product / Service Rude Cashier
Location Erie, Pennsylvania
Category Customer Service
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I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Erie.Pa.

I was having a great time. I picked up some great Christmas items for my home. When I proceeded to check out the cashier would not smile or reply when I said, "Hello". When she was done I questioned her about the total and asked her about two items I thought were on sale.

She stated these are packs and packs are never included "you should learn to read". I said I do know how to read. After I paid I went to the manager and told him what happened. He said he was sorry but he didn't do anything.

I left the store crying.I have never been that embarrassed. 2dff18b

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Nov 17, 2013 
How old are you, about six, if you left the store crying over nothing? Why do you bother saying "hello," and why do you expect to be answered or smiled at? Some people aren't that type of person, but can still be good employees. People like you get too offended, way too easily. She might have been out of line by telling you to learn to read, but then I wouldn't consider that rude, either. You say you have never been that embarrassed, well I would have been more embarrassed to have people see me leaving a store crying. Grow up!
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