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HHGregg Credit Card

  • by   Jun 09, 2008
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Company HHGregg
Product / Service Credit Card
Location Columbus, Ohio
Category Appliances and Electronics
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We purchased a tv from HHGregg back in November of 2006.We took advantage of the 24 mo.

no interest and planned on paying it before the 24 mo. expired. Last month, May 2008, I paid the last of the payoff amount, $100.23. I had tried to get online to pay it that way, but was unsuccessful, so mailed them a check on May 17.

The due date was May 18. They credited the 100.23 to our account on the 21st, then proceeded to charge us a $29.00 late fee. On top of that, they have stated on the statement that due to this one (have never been late with one since the purchase) so called late payment, they are increasing the APR to 28.99% and the late fee to $39.00. You have got to be kidding me!!!!!

Once we pay the $29 this account will be closed immediately and we will absolutely never buy from HHGregg again.

Please be careful if you too are thinking of taking advantage of the interest free offers....because most likely, you will be the one taken advantage of. 2eb471a

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Aug 24, 2013  from Hickory, North Carolina
Like any company, they charge fees for being late. Due dates are for a reason, to have it PAID by then not send your payment the day before it and expect it to be paid on time. You clearly are an *** to think that's hh gregs fault that YOU didn't make your payment in time! Hh greg did nothing wrong. All they did was expect your account to be paid by the due date.
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Aug 13, 2013  from Ashburn, Virginia
Just like any other credit card you need to make your payment by the due date. Why is it their fault that you didn't send in your payment on time? You should have called their customer service and had them apply your payment. You need to read the fine print!!! Monthly payments need to be made on time or you risk the extra charges.

I have never had a problem with them because I made my payments on time. :)
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May 03, 2013 
If so many of You so unhappy w hhgreg go someplace ealse I like Best buy Lowes also uses GE cr I am saving my money for my next TV pay cash and buy it fr Best Buy
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Nov 26, 2012 
We totally relate to what all of you have experienced with the H.H. Gregg/G E Capital credit card. They did the same "bait and switch" with us and now they are "charging off" our account as a bad debt because they keep charging us the $39.00 every month so no matter WHAT you do you can never catch up.
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Jan 23, 2012 
lol So I'm not the only one screwed over by HHGregg. I bought a Tempurpedic bed from their store. I put it on the charge card they gave me, well when I got the bed it was a tempurpedic, but it wasn't the one the SALES ASSOCIATE showed me I was getting. I looked at the receipt that came with the delivery and looked up the bed online at Tempurpedic's website. Well the bed the guy sold me was a completely different model than the one he was showing me in the store. I called ASAP and talked to the manager and he said, "I'm busy with a customer I will call you back." Yeah 2 hours later he never called so I called back. He tried to say the same thing but I said no listen here man, your salesman sold me the wrong bed dude, all I want is to return the bed and get the one he said I was getting since he made the screw up. Of course they can't do that and he couldn't do anything about it so that was the end of that conversation. So I called the corporate office. This lady was just some customer service rep and she wouldn't let me speak to anyone higher than her and I told her I was gonna return the bed unless I get the bed I want since the guy made a mistake. Of course they can't do that......So I asked her could I just bring it back, credit the money back to my account and I would just buy an icomfort. It was cheaper and it had the features I wanted with the one tempurpedic bed I was suppose to get. Nope they wouldn't do that. She took my number down and said if I wanted to speak to... Show more
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Nov 19, 2011 
i recieved an email this morning stating that ge money was changing their terms and that my 12 mo no interest has been voided... its been 2 weeks since i bought the item. its was around $400.oo. so before i recieve my first bill i should expect 29.9% interest.... its paid and cancelled now. i will never shop @ hh GrE gg ever again.
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Nov 12, 2011 
after reading all this let me tell you this....the scam is by hhgregg...sales associates are told that only the major purchase will be on the 0 percent interest, and they are pushed to add on screen cleaner, cables, power strips, delivery , etc so that the interest can be captured on the card...how do i know this? i used to work there and know every scam the company runs....trust me, take your business to best buy or lowes
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Oct 10, 2011 
I purchased a washing machine with the no interest, but watch out! When they ring you up they take the cost off the item when matching competitors prices and then deny your delivery rebate for the purchase price not being enough. I did go to the store to complain and got the money back, but it was a hassle. THEN they are charging me interest on the $15 worth of hoses they put on my card. If i had known that would be an interest charged purchase I would have just bought the *** things....IF YOU GET THIS DEAL...WATCH YOUR STATEMENTS! TRACK YOUR MONEY!!
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Jul 29, 2011 
you all are ***....pay your bill on time and you wont have an issue
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Apr 11, 2013 
Dude some people don't always have the money. Jobs today are hard to find. So yes if you miss one payment its *** what they do to you. I have a tv from hhgregg and let me tell you I wont go back. I missed one payment because I lost my job worked my add off to find another got one and now they raised it so high ill never pay it off.they can kiss my *** cause im done with the people. Ehh and get someone who speaks english on the phone cause everytime ill call them its a freaking dude I can't understand. They wont be getting my money come get the *** thing.
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May 24, 2011 
I've been duked again by GE Money bank! Sent a large check payment, nearly a month before our 1st payment was due, trying to take advantage of the interest free plan. They say they never got the check, which left me with a late fee for my very first paymnet. They agreeed to drop the late fee but it wasn't taken off of the account. I also have a Wal-mart and Sam's account, all through GE Money Bank. By the way, they will not at all combine accounts to make it easier for consumers; tried that! It seems that they have several tactics to make it difficult to make payments... 1> they charge $15 bucks to pay over the telephone- I found this out when my internet service was down. 2> they will not take any payments from a crdit card. 3> Sometimes I receive my bill in the mail a little to close to due date which leaves me like a lot of struggling people, wondering if I'll have the $ on time. The interest rates are severly rediculous!!!
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Apr 27, 2011 
i would love to open hhgredd credit card i have business and also i have good credit so can i open u guys credit care
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Mar 19, 2011 
I made a large purchase with HHGREGG and took advantage of the 1 year financing. When I got my first statement I made a large payment to round out the balance to 1500.00. Then I set up automatic payments to pay 250.00 a month so it would be paid off in time. Then I got a call stating that the payment wasn't made and they charged me a 25.00 fee. I immediately cancelled the charge and paid it off. I realize that GE capital isn't part of HHGREGG but the unfortunate thing is since they use GE they are no longer an option for me.
Reply to Gerald Crossley

Jan 22, 2011 
I have many of the same problems listed by the other consumers listed here. GE Money started charging me interest immediately even though I had a 24 interest free account. I made several payments to GE Money online, they got the first and the next 3. They sent an email saying they received the payment. Later they sent me an e-mail over 2 months later and said my account was past due. I called the first person said it was my routing number, the second time I called they said it was my checking account number. I responded and said the first went through??? I called the local manager for HHGregg and I was promised help. Let's see.
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Jan 21, 2011 
I Wish to apply for your credit card
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Jan 06, 2011 
So I bought TV from hhgreg and started paying for it in aug. I was told that I was able to make payments using my debit card. That was not the case you can only make payments using a check. While making payments with my card money is being deducted from my banking account but not my ge money account. Weird. Still trying to figure all this out.
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Jan 03, 2011 
Am an extremely disatisfied customer.My first purchase was 11/21/2010,first payment made on 11/30/2010,wasn't even due,Second payment made on 12/29/2010,due 1/18/2011,called on1/03/2011,&was told my payment was late,how so?I think fcra needs to get involved with my credit statement from hhgregg.I also was on hold for 45 minutes first phone call,&1hour second one.
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Dec 14, 2010 
I am seriously thinking about getting a credit card through HH Gregg for a TV. All of these comments sound horrible! Why didn't everyone just try to make sure the balance was paid off well before the due date? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?
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May 22, 2010 
Please, Please, Please look at your credit card statement carefully! I have 2 same as cash transactions on my card... a dishwasher with a promotion expiration date of July 2010 and a tv with exp. date of Dec. 2011. On my April statement I showed a balance remaining on the dishwasher of $160 and just under $900 on the tv. with a minimum payment due of $40. I sent in a payment of $200 to cover the minimum and to pay off the balance of the dishwasher. I should be good to go, right? NO!!! Just got my new statement and it shows I have still have a $120 balance on the dishwasher! They only put the minimum towards that and the rest toward the tv that has a promotional expiration date 1 1/2 years away! I know this is their way of getting my $200 + in deferred finance charges! I understand they use GEMoney as the finance company... but hhgregg is still just as responsible as far as I am concerned. Credit card chargers BEWARE!! Oh, and by the way, did I mention they tried to do this to us before? That is why I made sure to try to pay it off 2 months in advance... had a feeling it was going to happen again. Lesson learned though... will not EVER do interest free charges from there again!
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