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HGTV sweepstakes - False advertising

Company HGTV sweepstakes
Location Rockford, Illinois
Category Television/ Radio
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I have watched HGTV for along time now and I have entered some suppost to be contest.
I now believe they are fixed. The dream home giveaway states tt not only can you enter online, but you can enter by sending physical mail.
There is no way that someone is going to enter all those paper entries into a computer system somewhere.
They are only giving away one home. So do they pick someone randomly online, or do they go to their pie of mail and draw someone from there.
This whole idea of making omeone think they have a chance to win is ridiculous. They only want your email address so that they can send you a bunch of advertisements.
There should be regulations to stop these type of contest or they should have to show that they are legit and not fixed.

Thanks 2eea312

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Feb 06, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
Actually HGTV produces a show every freaking year showing how the winners are chosen dumba$$. And you certainly don't have to receive ANY emails from HGTV if you choose not to. :roll :roll
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Mar 03, 2013  from Rockford, Illinois
Unbelievable, you probably have never heard the phrase of "selling ice cubes to eskimos". Read between the lines. Sorry you don't know any better. I don.'t need to lower myself to your level calling names Really!
Please do everyone a favor and do stay out of election polls at election time. Again common sense.
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