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Hearthware Home Products - Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) scam - $140 for "shipping and handling"

  • by   Jul 11, 2012
  • Review #: 330888
Company Hearthware Home Products
Product / Service Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop
Location Richardson, Texas
Category Appliances and Electronics
Views 4571
Monetary Loss

The TV and internet ad for the Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) is misleading and you have to pay an exorbitant amount of "shipping and handing" to get all the "free" stuff that's mentioned, despite the ad making it sound like you get everything shown for $99 total.

The ad tells you that you get a Nuwave PIC, along with a second PIC free, as well as a set of "Ultimate Cookware" (pots and pans) free. But in reality you pay $29.95 S/H for the first PIC, plus you have to pay an extra $39.95 S/H for the second "free" PIC, and a whopping $69.95 S/H for the "free" cookware set - making the total "shipping and handling" about $140, which is about 60 bucks more than the actual product itself costs.

Just to put things in perspective, it costs about $140 to ship a Bowlflex home gym, and that machine weighs over 200 lbs. A single PIC weighs only 5.4 pounds, so you're paying $140 S/H for an order which at most weighs only 25 lbs.

Even worse, since the charges are considered "shipping and handling", they aren't covered by the money-back guarantee. Notice the fine print which says you can send it back for a full refund of the "purchase price" - this means that any costs which are considered "shipping and handling" are non-refundable.

Sorry, but charging about $120 more than it actually costs to ship the product isn't honest. Why not just go whole hog and charge 50 grand in "S/H", since companies can apparently charge whatever they want and just call it "shipping and handling"? If you're thinking of buying this, just keep in mind that you'll be out most of what you payed if you decide to change your mind and send it back. 2ff7e62

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Mar 16 
Another ripoff infomercial. Glad I checked here before ordering from the TV advert. A quick Google search reveals many complaints against this disreputable company. Save your money ... avoid headaches and troubles ... buy elsewhere.
Reply to gez

Mar 13 
The pans are junk. The coated pans cracked. They replaced the small one. The 3.5 quart shows signs of heat and rust damage. They won't return an email. They got my money, that's all that's important. I bought another brand at BJ's.
Reply to fixer

Feb 25 
Thank you, very much! They almost got me. Their TV ad was so enticing that I thought of ordering by phone. I decided against it after reading this article.
Reply to RENEAR

Jan 26 
They dont even give a price for shipping and handeling on the website till you give your credit card information be honest let people know up front what it cost i purchased on at the mall for 80 dollars no shipping and handeling cost there huh what a.internet scam
Reply to workingamerican

Jan 21  from Strasburg, Virginia
Thanks. I called and when they told me the first payment price I laughed and hung up.
Reply to Cheesy

Jan 12  from Chicago, Illinois
Thank you for saving my money, I was about to order 1 for my daughter and 1 for myself. Thank God for people like you who share reviews to help others, I hope you find a way to sue them and get all your money back.
Reply to Mz. Pat

Jan 05  from Baltimore, Maryland
I was on the Nuwave PIC2 website and was trying to find out the shipping & processing charge. It doesn't list it. The only way to see it is to enter your ordering info. There are other items I've seen advertised on TV but this is the first I've seen that doesn't reveal the S & P charge in advance. Not a good sign.

Reply to Mike

Dec 16, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
My opinion is wait until it comes to an As Seen on TV retailer or as another commentator says go to Bed Bath and Beyond ? ( I did not know they carried it) you can always by the pots pans and extras compatible with it at retailers like ROSS TJ MAX or Berlington Coat factory and in some cases if your lucky Big Lots. I know it sounds like alot of work but it is worth it in the long rung
Reply to Joe Shmoe 70

Dec 12, 2013 
Look at the price of the two units as $80 each, period. It galls me too to be charged $59.90 S/P, but when looking at it as a total price for the units it's not that galling. HSN just had them as a Today's Special for $79.95 with free shipping. So same price, just up front and not sneaky like the NuWave ad.
Reply to Naddaclue

Dec 10, 2013  from Missouri City, Missouri
yea they lie.i made the mistake and purchased the new wave cook top too.but they lied to me about the price.or should i say miss led.whats the diferance.my suggestion to any one is to not buy this product or there lies
Reply to the chuck

Nov 17, 2013 
wow, that review was really helpfull. i always wanted to know the cost for the cookware. now i know its not worth buying. if the shipping cost wasn't so high i would buy it.
Reply to Al

Oct 27, 2013  from Garibaldi, Oregon
The advertisement is misleading. We only received ONE cooktop== PERIOD.. We had ordered 2 cooktops plus the gifts.
Each with s/h at $29.95. We had to return the ONE cooktop. We are waiting for our refund as promised.
Reply to Anonymous

Sep 15, 2013 
where is the BBB they ask. the consumer does not belong to the BBB. The members of BBB are the retailers you are dealing with. So that should give yo u the answer.
Reply to swede

Aug 18, 2013  from Louisville, Kentucky
I found this to be true when I tried to buy only the one cooktop. They were charging 29.95 for shipping in the original bill and when I went to the final page, where I was to see the final charges, I had been charged TWICE for the one unit!! I would like to have a PIC 2 but refuse to do business with a group that count on my ignorance.
Reply to ddsdoglover

Aug 13, 2013  from Destin, Florida
Buy it in bed bath and b. with 20% coupon
Reply to Mapache

Aug 13, 2013 
DUH, welcome to "As Seen On TV" Products. If you didn't realize that the cost of the "product" is actually in the shipping, then maybe you are not smart enough to cook anyhow...

Just an added hint, did you ever notice it is NOT just "Shipping" costs, but "Shipping and Handling" costs. Magical "handling" to throw anyone off for arguing "I can ship it for $xx.xx" Well shipping is only part of that high price....

Do people really, come on, honestly think they are getting a "Deal" of getting second one free? Or "Free Accessories"? That it just wording to try to make people think they are getting a deal and really need to "Act now"... ALWAYS ASSUME TOTAL PAYMENT WILL PAY FOR PRODUCT *AND* MAKE THEM A NICE PROFIT...

Why do they do this then? Umm, read reviews for the number of people who complain about the same thing you are complaining about... If I could find that many people willing to pay $100 for a pile of dog poo. I'd be at the dog park with the scooper making money of ya!
Reply to Reality Check

Aug 11, 2013  from Fairfax, Virginia
The current web S&H cost is $29.95 total. But, you have to give all of your information before selecting your "free" gifts and there is no indication of the S&H for them. Not exactly an upfront organization.
Reply to Rock

Jul 18, 2013 
Thanks to everyone that posted I was going to purchase but wanted to check reviews. Shame a business like this can continue to fleece to public by using Shipping and Handling phrase.
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 11, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
The thing that is wrong with the company's practice is not that they cleverly scam people with misleading advertising. It's obvious the s&h or s&p is mostly or all profit. That's the kicker legally. Because I'm sure the IRS or local gov to which they must report their yearly business earnings would be very interested in knowing how they've managed to hide their true profits by guising them as shipping charges. Can any1 say AUDIT! Feel free to report them all.
Reply to Retrobutor

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