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Harbor Freight - Flag Pole

  • by   Jul 30, 2013
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Company Harbor Freight
Product / Service Telescopic Flag Pole Kit
Location Ogden, Utah
Category Products
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I purchased a 20ft telescopic flag pole kit model 95598 in April 2013.After 1 week the locking ring on one extension broke, I returned it and got a replacement kit.

About 2 weeks ago all the extensions started to quit locking/unlocking, could not find my receipt and the 90 day return policy had expired. All I want is for someone to tell me how I can fix/free up this problem or help me get this product replaced without having to pay the full purchase price. I really like the concept of the pole and the ease of raising my flag this way. I raise my flag daily.

I am not really pissed yet, but I do a lot of shopping at Harbor Freight.

If someone could contact me at bigguy.harold@comcast.net or Harold Lanier/801-731-3121, I am retired and home most of the time.Thank You, Harold Lanier 306eb4c

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Aug 07, 2013  from Plano, Texas
Your repair can be very easy. Go to hardware store (lowes,home depot,ace, etc) and get you a "D" clip. You will have to get one large enough so the length will be just little larger than diameter of flag. Drill hole through pole and just Slip your D-clip through the pole. I think this should be very inexpensive repair for you.
Happy fixings.......
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