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Hanes - "Just My Size" catalog--misleading pricing

Company Hanes
Product / Service Pricing
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts
Category Footwear and Clothing
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The Hanes "Just MY Size" catalog (summer 2) has seriously misleading pricing.

On Page 30 they show pajamas. "Two for 16.99" says the one-inch headline by the photos. No. They are $18.99 each and if you buy two, they are 16.99 **each**. So that's actually "two for 33.98."

One would think this is a misprint. No, they do the same thing on page 31. ("Two for 15.99" but when you go to pay, they become "two for 31.98"). Same thing again on page 33. "Our best selling shpaers only $9.25 each" says the one-inch headline. But everything on the page costs $18.49 and up. Some are 36.99 and 41.99 each.

Nothing in catalog copy is accidental. This wording is misleading to the point of being deceptive. I called to order these items but they would not give me the items for the price they showed.

"Just My Size"? Maybe they should change the catalog name to "Just My Lies." 2e4fa82

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Jul 17, 2012 
I contacted Hanes in writing (through this board--I joined). They never responded to my letter calling attention to their misleading catalog pricing. A reputable company doesn't use misleading pricing. A reputable company responds to consumer feedback.
Reply to Mary

Jul 17, 2012 
I have used Hanes panties for years and have always been very satisfied. I appreciate finding them online as I am disabled now.
Reply to Carolyn

May 23, 2012 
Why does this website posts a Google Ad for Hanes "Just My Size" right under the complaint? We complain about something and they then advertize it? Are they being paid for this advertizement?
Reply to Mary

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