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Hancock and Moore - Disappointed in Hancock & Moore

  • by   Feb 07, 2013
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Company Hancock and Moore
Category Furniture and Decor
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We purchased a Hancock & Moore chair 2 years ago from a furniture store in Dallas.We liked the chair and decided to order another one "just exactly like it", 2 years later.

We went back to the same furniture store, and special ordered the same exact chair made by Hancock & Moore, in December 2012, and specified the same stain "french pine" that was used on the first chair we purchased. We confirmed with the furniture store that Hancock & Moore still used "French Pine" stain color and that the chair would look exactly the same as our other Hancock & Moore chair. When we received the chair, it was a different stain color and did not match the wood on the first chair. There was a big difference.

The furniture store we ordered the chair from, did not want to send the chair back to Hancock & Moore, and they did not want re-order another chair for us, because they said they were afraid the stain color again may not match. We then agreed to let the local furniture store, try to re-stain the wood on the chair to match. When we got the chair back from the local furniture store, the stained wood was a closer match, but it had a very gritty feel to it, and they missed some spots on the wood. This chair cost $1600 with tax.

We are very disappointed and will not special order from Hancock & Moore again or from the furniture store we used, because we were told the stain on the wood would match, then we were told they would not re-order another chair because the stain on the wood may not match.

The furniture store should have been aware of this and told us this when we ordered the chair to begin with.Had we know that, we would not had ordered the 2nd chair. 308bbed

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Jan 09 
I'd be more interested in the name of the store rather than a chair not matching in stain color a year later. Stain is like that and one batch will differ in color and intensity even tho the same mixture is used - it's just one of those things. We had to have 8 stains mixed to find the right for our bathroom cabinetry. The same is true of dye lots in upholstered goods. You can never count on dye lots or stains on wood to ever turn out exactly the same, ever, period. The local store trying to match the stain was your best bet and if they'd mixed several samples for you, you might have gotten almost bang on.
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Jan 09 
Also meant to add that stain can change if exposed to light. So the color of your first chair might have changed over time.
We were told from the get/go that our hardwood floors definitely change color over time and the more light exposure, the more change. We have no direct sunlight coming in so we expect minimal change. People who say otherwise might not be telling the truth or might not know.
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Mar 30, 2013  from Moultrie, Georgia
We ordered 2 Hancock and Moore recliners and have over $3,000 in both of these squeaky and flimsy over priced things. Wish I hand bought Lazy Boy's and kept the extra money.
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