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Dont Buy Grizzly Tools

Company Grizzly Tools
Product / Service Grizzly Products
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Category Products
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Monetary Loss

We recently bought nearly $7,000 worth of tools from Grizzly.com for our wood shop in Los Angeles.When we purchased the tools they took the money out of our bank account twice which left us $7,000 in the hole until it was returned 4 days later.
Than when the tools arrived, one of the machines, a 15" Planer worked for 15 minutes than stopped.

I called Grizzly and waited 2 days for a Supervisor to call me back, which never happened. I had to call a machine tech to come look at the machine and diagnose the problem which turned out to be a bad motor. That service cost me $250 out of pocket which Grizzly "does not cover" although every other competitor does especially on a brand new machine .

I called Grizzly back again and after 30 minutes of nearly yelling at the service agent who told me there were none available, finally I was given a Supervisor who told me that they could send me out a new motor, but the cost to install it, another $300 plus would be my responsibility.Than 20 minutes later he called me back and told me they did not have any more of those motors to send and that I would have to send the machine back to Washington State and be refunded, and although they would cover the return shipping, I was responsible for packing the machine as it was shipped and after they looked at it they would decide on a refund.

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Apr 09 
I purchased a Grizzly G0703 Dust Collector and hoses to hook up to the machine and my planer. None of the hoses will fit the port on the dust collector or my G1037Z planer. The inside diameter of the hoses are smaller than the input port of the dust collector and the output port of the planer. After struggling for hours how to get the hoses on, and not having success, I called Grizzly and talked to 2 different tech support people. They had no solutions except to tell me to maybe grease the hoses to install them. The hoses are under sized and absolutely will not fit regardless of what I do. So, something as basic as installing a hose will not work. I have no way of using this dust collector, can't even see how well it works, when you can,t find a hose from them to fit. I consider it a piece of junk now. Would not recommend anything from this company.
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Feb 09  from Junction City, Oregon
CS with any company can be a pain. Myself however have Grizzly equipment, which I'm happy with. I put a lot of miles on them and have to repair and maintain my planer, band saw and table saw to mention a few. I had issues with my 14" band saw right outa the box. No problems getting my parts and fixing them myself. It gets you familiar with your equipment. It's also how you communicate with CS too.
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Jan 06 
I bought a G5769 brake and found out 3 days later they dropped the price $100.00. I called to see if I could get an adjustment and they said no way even though I didn't even have the tool yet when they lowered the price. (in was in shipment) thats a lot for your support Grizzly! :(
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Dec 09, 2013 
I won't buy grizzly any more either. Bought a chainsaw sharpener, it didn't work out of the box. I had to contact them multiple times and finally gave up. A week later they contacted me saying they would (within another week) ship me what they thought was the defective part, and I would have to fix it myself. Their customer service was awful- I wanted to throttle someone. I have read other reviews to the contrary, but they couldn't have been dealing with the same people I did.
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Nov 20, 2013 
Bought a heavy duty drill from grizzly as they said. Haha in no time it was burning up,sent it back. They returned it said it was great no problem. I thru in the garbage it smelled lie it was going to start a fire and was hot as ***. I have a very had time purchasing anything from the any more.
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Nov 01, 2013 
Bought a Grizzly 6" jointer. When I turned it on, after spending 2 hrs. with installation, it just about walked across the floor. Problem was a bent shaft on the cutter head. I called CS Friday at 5:30 pm and was told everyone left at 5 (they don't close until 6) and no tech could help me nor would they return a phone call on Monday. I email CS with the problem pointing out all the parts I would need. CS returned my email asking me to give them the same info I stated in my email. It was computer generated, but no one apologized. Yes, they sent me the parts and after I installed the replaced spindle and it worked fine but it's a bit loud. They assume everyone is a mechanic and can/must do the repairs themselves. They have lousy quality control but at least they stand by the manufacturers errors. Good price but I'd consider another manufacturer before I bought from them again.
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Sep 10, 2013  from Knoxville, Tennessee
The story about the grizzly planer is not true. I had a similar situation happen with my 20 inch grizzly planer. The motor was not bad, but he start capacitor was bad. The service tech was very helpful, and sent me the part at no charge. It was then that I installed the capacitor, because I understand that if I want to use a piece of equipment, I must be able to service and keep maintenance on it. Otherwise, I would have to pay someone else for their labor. If you are incapable of performing maintenance, do not complain about being charged for a technician to doCHRIS their job.
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Aug 20, 2013 
I got a oscillating spindal sander for christmas and when I opened the box all the plastic parts were broken. The box it self had NO dents, holes or tares in it which only means somebody broke it at the factory and boxed it anyway. When I called they basically accused me of breaking it but agreed to give me my money back. It took me over 6 weeks to get my money back. I will never buy Grizzly again. :(
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Jul 31, 2013  from Wolcott, Vermont
Wow! some angry Lads...
Look for the ISO machines and you won't go wrong.
Grizzly has worked more than well for me.
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Jul 24, 2013  from Scarborough, Ontario
I am surprised by the lack of sympathy here. If the same thing happened to anyone of us I am sure we might be a little upset as well. A lot of tool companies are more concerned with selling tools and don't want to see you again until you are ready to buy more. Customer service has gotten worse over the years and not just Grizzly. As long as we keep importing junk from China we will continue getting junk. Like the saying goes you get what you pay for. Not many of us are willing to shell out twice the price to buy locally made products even if they were available.
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Sep 10, 2013  from Knoxville, Tennessee
Grizzly does not manufacture their product in China. They manufacture in an ISO 9001 factory in Tiwan, under strict supervision and specification of American foreman and supervisors.
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Jul 08, 2013  from Chesterfield, Missouri
If you talked to me the way you say you talked to them I wouldn't worry too much about your problem either. I understand your frustration but the company that is selling the product didn't produce the product. I saw several comments on here about being American made. Well I am all for that but trying to buy American is pretty hard to do. Everything is being made over seas. I buy things with American names but when I look at them closely they are from China. The Grizzly employees
that I have always dealt with have been more than willing to help me. I am sure that if you wanted to return your machine they would take it back and issue you a full refund. I don't understand what your expectations are but then again the things that I have bought from them have always worked very well. I hope you get over being upset because I like their products and I would hate to see them go out of business because they lost you as a customer.
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Jun 21, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
I am a boat carpenter in Los Angeles, working on high end yachts. I have a griz occilating spindle sander, mortise machine and lathe. Have had them for many years and never a problem.
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Jun 17, 2013  from Dayton, Ohio
Shop Fox tools aren't much better. You'll find the tools from both companies are made in the same foundries in China and they change the spec anytime they want. I bought a stationary mortising machine from Shop Fox ( Grizzly sells an identicle one only painted green) The journal for the chisels was listed as 1-1/8" with sleeves to fit 3/4" and 5/8" chisels. When I unpacked the machine. there was no user manual nor parts list and my 1-1/8" chisels shanks were too big to fit. After I check the journal with a mic, I found it was 17/1000 smaller than the 1-1/9" it was supposed to be. Shop Fox customer service informed me that machine had been discontinued but wouldn't tell me why....yeah, I know, crappy machining. Getting refund will be tough. I bought it from Meuller in Cincy and they are willing to give me a refund. My only options besides returning it are have the head milled to 1-1/8" and then have two adapter sleeves made. Grizzly's machine has the same defect.
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Jul 02, 2013  from Ashland, Ohio
Grizzly does sell an identical one, except it is painted white and says Shop Fox on it. That is what would make it identical to the Shop Fox - it is a Shop Fox.
If you had any clue what a micrometer even was you would have written it out as .017" and if you had ever measured anything with anything you would also know that 1 1/9" is not a dimension of anything.
You are just a lonely retard pretending to have a life and giving grizzly and Shop Fox a bad name.
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Jun 01, 2013  from Overland Park, Kansas
I have been buying Grizzly tools over the years and found them to be quite reasonable. You get what you pay for. It is certainly not a Rolls Royce, the machines work, but then what do you expect.
As far as customer service goes, I have never had an issue with them. What I know is, you catch more bees with honey, than with vinegar. Word to the wise.
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May 24, 2013  from Richmond, Virginia
I have a shop full of wooddworking tool and I have been buying grizzly toll since 1992 and i only had replaced three motors but a lot of swithes.My table saw is turn on at 8 am stop at 12-1 and a 5.I`m really please with them and the text surport.the only bad is after 10 year it is hard to find some of the replace parts but and ten years it payed for it self and the tool of been worked 10 years at 6 days a week.
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Apr 06 
"The only bad" is your grasp of grammar and the english language.
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Mar 24, 2013  from Jamaica, New York
I bought a grizzly 8" jointer big mistake buying anything from grizzly. It arrived well packaged but the fence pedestal and fence bracket were all chipped. I called them the next day and they sent me another set of parts and they were also chipped worse than the originals. I called them again now they sent me the wrong color green instead of white. I called them a 3rd time now the manager jean sends me the wrong parts and yellow in color un real. DON'T BUY GRIZZLY .
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Mar 07, 2013  from Houston, Texas
People who buy Grizzly tools deserve to have their job outsourced to China.
Reply to Bosko Butchroy

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