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Greyhound - Passing the Buck

  • by   Jan 20
  • Review #: 472002
Company Greyhound
Product / Service Bus Delay
Location Bronx, New York
Category Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
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01/14/14 departed frm Port Authority destination Elmira,NY.Stop at Scraton,PA delayed waiting for another connecting bus.

Arrived at Binghamton,NY. Was not told of a transfer no one new ANYTHING. Spoke with "Fred" he says go to the window across the hall didn't once look at me. Go to the shoreline bus window agent said bus left at 6:16pm.

Agent sent me back to the Greyhound window I ask why if this is a Greyhound bus ticket why would u sen me to another window Fred said that that's how it is. He (Fred) said that the don't let them know how many people are for transfers so I said to him that they have no communication at all whats so ever.

So I miss the connection to my destination had to wait til 10pm which was the next bus to Elmira.I want a refund. 2d69e3d

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Feb 17  from Boston, Massachusetts
They should not be allowed to operate any longer!
Reply to mama bear

Jan 21  from Auburn, Massachusetts
if you really wanted a refund you'd be complaining to greyhound NOT on this complaints board
Reply to notgivingit

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