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Golden Corral - Restaraunt #0726 Birmingham, AL Filthy conditions and rude unacceptable behavior from management

  • by   Nov 28, 2013
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Company Golden Corral
Product / Service Dirty Eating Utensils
Category Kids
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Monetary Loss

Am a single father and struggle to make ends meet.For 2 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day I had promised my daughter to take her to Golden Corral in Birmingham, AL.

She was so looking forward to it but when we got there and paid our $32.96 with my debit card we went to get our plates and they were so filthy it was disgusting. I pulled 10 plates in a row with food so caked on that it would have to be scraped to remove it. When I showed it to an employee I got an attitude so I told my daughter to get her coat we were going some place else.
I went to the register and informed the manager of the conditions and asked for my money back.

He would only credit back the money to my debit card which takes up to a week or two to transact. I explained to him that was all the money we had and that if he could give me back the cash so I could feed my child Thanksgiving dinner that I would appreciate it.

He didn't even crack an expression and shoved the receipt back in my face.My child went without dinner over this whole thing when he could have just given me the cash. 2ff7e07

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Nov 28, 2013 
If that was all the money you had you should have bought ingredients to fix a meal for her at home, instead of promising to take her out to eat. You could have bought some of the necessary ingredients every payday. A turkey breast cooks real nicely in a slow cooker/crock pot and you would have had left overs for several days.
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Nov 28, 2013 
So did you find the plates before or after you finished your meal?
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