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Godiva Customer Care(less)!!!

Company Godiva
Product / Service Retail Store
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Category Food Vendors
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High end my butt!!My husband, I and my daughter went into Oakbrook Godiva Boutique right as it opened about 3 weeks ago.

They had a sample tray out on the counter so we all tried a piece. The RUDE employee from behind the counter snatches up the tray and takes it and gives us a dirty look as if to say "No more for you!". Like really, we have manners and would never take more than a piece. So I asked out loud to my husband "Did he really take that off the counter as if we were going to eat the whole tray?" And he is like "He sure did".

I had hoped the rude employee would have said "Oh no, I am adding some more to the tray" or something/anything to reassure me that he hadn't done that just to be a jack ***. But nope he went on chatting to his fellow employee and ignoring us. We were horrified to say the least. After it bothering me the whole day and my husband who is the sweetest person you will ever meet saying he felt like he was treated like *** in the store that morning, I decided to email customer care at Godiva.

If he could care less in the store there was no reason to take it up with the employee, I had already given him a chance to get out of his rudeness. So they reply and ask for my personal information which I thought was weird but I gave them my info. Then I hear nothing. I wanted to know someone had talked to this rude employee and let him know his customers are the reason he even has a job.

If we don't buy, no more store, no more job. So I reply back to the orignal person who emailed me and she says she is passing it to the district supervisor and they will take it from there. They didn't. They don't care either.

So after a week, I email again. I posted on their facebook wall as well. Monday morning a lady at Corporate customer care calls and apologizes and says they take complaints serious and then proceeds to say "We will be sending you the apology gift you requested". UM, WHAT?

Godiva is the kings and queens of passive agressive. Now I know where the employee got his tasteless actions. Now I am furious but I say nothing. I didn't request anything, I wanted the employee to know bad behavior is noticed and not tolerated and that's it and wanted someone to tell me that had been done.

Never once in my emails did I say I wanted a gift. So at this point I see the company thinks people want stuff for free if they complain not that anything would ever be wrong. Fast forward a couple weeks, no gift. Like you are seriously going to say I asked for something, as if I haven't been insulted enough by your company and then say you will send something and then not.

(oh yeah, and as I was talking to her she commented how my emails were intelligent. Who says that? Does she think I am uneducated....more passive agressive ***. I am educated with a great job, thank you very much).

Well I post on facebook that I haven't received anything a bunch of times. Cause now you will send me something, a card, I don't care, anything. Finally after facebook and twitter posts I get a tracking # and my "gift" arrives. It was the most horrible mini box of chocolates ever.

Godiva must not be doing very well. So there you have it. I took my *** box of chocolates or lack thereof and threw them away so fast....and it felt good.

No Godiva ever again.Horrible mean company. 3080e87

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Nov 14, 2013  from Providence, Rhode Island
Generally, when you go to someone's house you don't just help yourself you ask first or wait to be offered. If that is the first thing you did upon entering the store you were treated the way you should be treated. Hundreds of people walk in to get there free sample of chocolate every day with out buying a *** thing. The company spends over 1 million dollars just on free samples. Employees ARE supposed to offer you something out on the floor while you're looking around. That way they can describe it to you, suggest things and create a rapport, and let you know what is in it. It's a business not a soup kitchen. Learn some manners and common sense.
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Jul 26, 2013 
OMG! It was not the plate it was the attitude! I don't go into Louis Vuitton and pick up a purse just to have someone rip it out of my hands. I shop high end because of the SERVICE not disservice. Go work at Kmart if you don't like your customers at Godiva. Simple. I HAD been a Godiva customer for YEARS as well was my mother. It was our go to gifts. Not anymore. I highly doubt the unfortunate gentleman still works there. Nobody who wants to keep their job acts like an *** to their customers
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Jan 18, 2013 
Wow. Someone's sensitive. Are you on your period? "OMG?! HE TOOK THE SAMPLE PLATE?! OMGEEEEEEE!" Hahahaha. Get over it.
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Aug 08, 2012 
I can't even begin on this. First of all, you're way too sensitive. Get over it. He took the sample tray away after you walked in and helped yourself to it. I've worked in the food business for years and I would've done the same thing. I know where to begin now: you walked in and taken a sample from the tray without asking for it. I realize that it was within reach, but that doesn't mean it's okay to help yourself to everything you see. Your hands aren't clean. The employee has to talk to you about the sample, it might have had something you, your husband or your child are allergic to. I don't know if that could have been the case or not, but imagine. All Godiva products, like so many other vendors, may contain traces of nuts, enough to produce a severe reaction in a child. You can't just help yourself to every display of chocolate you see on a tray. It's insanely rude, selfish, and self-absorbed. It's a problem that you were ignored, but as you were acting as the type of person who only wants the free sh*t (come in, take sample, leave), then why bother?

And as blah asked, how do you know nothing had happened? Do you still see him in the store? He might have been written up. Employees aren't fired over EVERY complaint customers make. Is that what you wanted? him to get fired over something as ridiculous as this? Him taking the sample tray out of easy reach because you walked in and took it like you're entitled to it?

(And no, the tray is not in
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Jan 18, 2013 
Food retail employee you are too sensitive. Get over yourself. I smell Russel Stovers
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Jul 01, 2013  from Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Apr 11, 2012 
I hope the guy did get fired. I could really use his job! What a ***. Godiva is gross and their employees do have attitudes. How hard is it for employees to be nice to their customers anyway? But if their corporate office doesn't care then why should they, I guess that's why they can act however they want to. I'm going to try Jamie's suggestion and try Neuhaus.
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Apr 11, 2012 
i think you just wanted the guy to get fired(PERIOD). what is your definition of "Taken care of". I'm sure they did talk to him. How can you tell if they didn't? I've had problems with Godiva before and everything is always settled. Why not just take the chocolate and chill? goodness, let the dude keep his Job >.>
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Mar 01, 2012 
I don't blame you for being disgusted, I have not stepped foot into a Godiva store in years.,I ended up on their email list after a bad experience in one of the stores, and I repeatedly told them to remove me since I was not interested in buying their overpriced, lousy chocolate. I continued to be harassed via email with promotions, etc, and it ended in my threatening to call my lawyer if I continued to get their emails. The chocolate you want is called Neuhaus, it is not sold in many places but believe me, once you try it, you will forget waxy, gross chocolate like Godiva has.
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