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Wrongful Repossession by GMAC/Ally

Company GMAC
Product / Service Wrong Repossession
Location Bossier City, Louisiana
Category Auto Financing
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Monetary Loss

My son financed a car through GMAC/Ally about 7 months ago and I co-signed for him.On December 12, 2010 a drunk driver hit him and totaled the vehicle.

The car was towed to a storage facility and they notified Ally that it was on their premises, we had State Farm requesting the vehicle be towed to a repair shop for visual inspection but when I called the storage yard I was informed that Ally had picked the car. This was done without notification to myself or State Farm. The loan was paid on time and never paid late. Because Ally picked up the car, they listed it as a repo on our credit report.

Ally refuses to accept the pay off check from State Farm and each day the interest charges increase. It took over a month for Ally to give State Farm the payoff which only increased it as each day storage fees were being added. Im at a loss as to how this situation can be resolved without an attorney because I get no help from any Ally who states the repo will not be removed and the payment will not be accepted.

I have been turned down for loans because of this and in April 2011 the balloon payment is due to be refinanced on my home.I could lose my home over this! 301105b

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Apr 21, 2012 
i like hearing people complain about collectors when they are the ones who bought a vehicle they couldn't afford!..... sh*t happends, but you deal with it, you don't blame others.... god....
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Jan 07, 2012 
Gmac finally accepted the payoff from stae farm. I went to the gmac/alley website and emailed every address I could find, I got a call from a rep who handled everything and got it corrected. The repo was finally corrected on our credit but it took several months. Gmac sucks! My son was never late, not one day so this whole situation was ridiculous and caused us a lot of stress!!
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Jan 06, 2012 
I too had similar problems i sued them and am in the middle of the lawsuit. in their discovery responses they are refusing to produce anything regarding other similar complaints or recordings of my calls to them. the only phone records they produced were printouts of their 5x a day calls to me. We are conducting depositions next month. I cant wait. Ally picked the wrong consumer to mess with. If you want to share info directly or want copies of my lawsuit documents i will share them with you allyfinancialsux@gmail. com
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Dec 03, 2011 
Their agents in the Philippines are
NOTHING but a bunch of "bafoons"
I've told hem I am on a "fixed" budget
& work p/t. I was late twice. I owe them
for 9 more months & they have already received
more than $23,000 from me. i now have
93,000 miles on my HHR. When these people
call from the Philippines ask me why I am
NOT current, I tell them the truth, economy,
hard times, DA!!!!!!! Then they ask me
if I can give them another $459 NOW, 9
say to them, didn't I just tell you that I
can ONLY make 1 (NOT 2 ) payments each month!
HELLO! What in GOD'S name are you people
doing over there?
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Oct 18, 2011 
I was in the process of refinancing my vehile with ALLY and they repoed it. I would think that would fall into the "unfair and deceptive trade practices"..
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Aug 22, 2011 
I recently had a huge hour cut and my husband lost his job. I asked Ally if I could defer a payment since i had a clean history and they told me it was not a problem, so I pay the X amount they told me to and then I receive late payment notices in the mail from their collections department. I now owe a huge amount for my next payment which I can't pay. This was THEIR fault, and of course (even though i have a reference number), they are denying it. They just keep asking me, "where is your car". I believe I will have to get my lawyer involved. In times like these, a company like this POS is the last thing anyone needs to deal with.
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Aug 12, 2011 
Sounds exactly like the Ally Auto Finance company that I know and love.
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Aug 09, 2011 
I have a friend that came to anarrangemet with gmac cause he couldnt pay the 750 peo month so they refinanced and let him pay 350. now that is Ally we tried to do same cause we had a mini van for over 5 years paying 690 a month, they didnt want to negotiate and simply picked up the van , now they want the full balance wich is 8,800, they report a "loss" if you multiply 690 a mo for 5 years you'll se how much they did on it, is not a loss. and then you call the number they give you (some repo office in Dallas) and you get either a Phillipine or a Chinnese or who the *** knows that barely speaks english!!! I think they do that on purpose so you can't explain to them. Ally sucks and we never expected that...
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Mar 15, 2011 
Their agents suck try posting a comment on their facebook account. Call center agents on the philippines may answer you there.
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