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Geico - rate increase

  • by   Jan 28, 2013
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Company Geico
Product / Service Insurance Rate Increase
Category Auto Insurance
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Monetary Loss

I moved to "Geico motorcycle insurance" following a rise in my premiums.They gave me a very satisfying quote at the time.

I had a motorcyle accident in June 2010. I had their policy for about 3 years. no other person was involved in the claim. I only had a minimal claim which amounted to approx $ 2500.00.

My insurance annual payment at the time was approx $300.00. when I got my next statement it was well over $600.00. I have not had any auto claims / tickets for over 25 years. When I called them, they said it was basicly their policy.

I got a policy shortly thereafter (from another company)for about what I was paying.The only thing I can say is "BUYER BE WARE" 2dd03a4

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Sep 05, 2013  from Gilbert, Arizona
Just wait until the other company finds out about your claim and raises your premium. It may take up to 6-12 months for DMV and other claims databases to have the claim on your driving record. Once your new company finds out, you can most likely expect your rates to go up.
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Feb 08, 2013  from Miami, Florida
You retard, you paid 300, they paid 2500 on you. .. duh your rate went up because you're a higher risk. ..
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Been with Geico for 9 plus years .Was talking to a friend and she told me what she pays a year.1700...

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