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GE Money Bank - PC Richard/GE Money Interest Free Scam

  • by   Mar 01, 2010
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Company GE Money Bank
Location Newburgh, New York
Category Banks
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Bought appliances at PC Richards, paying off through my account with them, through GE Money.Paid monthly.

When attempting to pay the full amount in order to avoid the interest, was informed on the phone that the bill was incorrect and I owed $50 less than the bill was stating. I asked the woman to take the full amount and refund later if this was the case. She refused, repeatedly, and only would take what she said was due. I told her, then, I'm not paying anything else, and I better not get charged any interest.
Next bill said I owed $50.

plus the year's interest. I called PC Richard and explained, and said even though I was furious this happened, I'd pay the $50 I did owe, but they insisted I owed the interest. I told them they'd get $50 or nothing. After repeatedly harassing me by phone, they've reported me to all the credit bureaus.

They lost a very good customer for $50.Beware of this tactic.

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Aug 31, 2010 
I just paid most of the cc off the full payment was due in aug
I never recieved the aug statment and my bank was suppose to pay the bal in full the begining of aug so I dont get hit with the 360 interest charged .... I was hit with it and I need help ..I called into to complain and no help ..
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