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GE Money Bank - GE CareCredit

Company GE Money Bank
Product / Service Carecredit Charge Card
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Category Banks
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Monetary Loss

I made a payment two early after the close of the billing cycle.I didn't realize it but my payment was credited to the prior month and I was charged late charges for the current month.

I called and they said no problem - they refunded my late charges. I have been paying two weeks before the due date ever since. I don't open my statements because I pay my payment online and didn't realize that they were terminiating my promotion due to the late payment. I asked them to look at their records and see where I had called and why the payment was considered late.

They said it didn't matter why I was late, I had been warned on my statement that the promotion was ending. I asked her why then did they refund my late charges and asssure me everything was OK. She said we refund charges all the time. She asked me if I had any other questions.

I asked her would it make a difference. She said "It was just a yes or no question mam". Don't get pulled into their interest free promotions. If they can find any loop hole to get out of it they will.

By the way they terminated my promotion on 2/5/2010, so much for credit card reform. 2e5a406

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May 18, 2010 
today I had the exact situation happen. I used care credit (GE money bank) to pay for an unexpected dental bill, and have made payments larger than minimum, and sooner that required. Thus, 2 were credited in the same month, same late fee scenario, and the phone call resulted in them removing the late fee, but when I made the "Late" payment by debit, they charged $15 to process the debit. since I also use online paperless banking, no notices were received prior to the surprise email to say payment was late. These people should not be allowed to operate under the auspices of "helping" with medical/dental bills. I am mailing a check today for the balance owed, and will shred the credit card. The $15 service fee for debiting the payment negates any advantage of having an interest-free card. What a scam.
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