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GC SERVICES reviews, GC SERVICES complaints, read GC SERVICES reviews, find GC SERVICES reviews, GC SERVICES scam reports
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  • 219 complaints
  • $119,458 claimed losses
  • $545 average
  • 14239 since Dec 03, 2007

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Main address: 6330 Gulfton 77081 Houston TX
(713) 777 444 1 , , gcinfo@gcserv.com
GC SERVICES reviews, GC SERVICES complaints, read GC SERVICES reviews, find GC SERVICES reviews, GC SERVICES scam reports
  • 219 complaints
  • $119,458 claimed losses
  • $545 average
Had an experience with GC SERVICES?
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  • Apr 15
  • Debt Collection Company
  • 11

in an attempt to pay off my student loan after being contacted by GC SERVICES i am extremely disappointed in their lies. when first contacted by one of their representatives they had told me that all fees were included and that any and all interested was in the final amount due. also that they would not be tacking on any additional fees or interested as long as my payments were on time and in the... Read more

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  • Feb 15
  • Brecksville, Ohio
  • Customer Service
  • 18
GC SERVICES - GC changed my original payment amount when I was ready to pay!

I got a letter from GC Services about a past due Sprint bill that I had for $403. I had been unemployed for 8 months prior but I had just started a new job two weeks before I got their collection letter. I called them the moment I got my first paycheck and they agreed to drop $100 off of my past due Sprint bill in order to have my services restored, so I jumped at the opportunity. I didn't have... Read more

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  • Dec 31, 2013
  • Misleading Information
  • 31

I got a call from CG Services this morning looking for Robert #####. Told them I was not him, didn't know him, but had been receiving calls from yet another collection agency looking for him. Apparently, I have his old cell number, but they didn't care. The girl there kept asking "well, don't you know how we can reach him?..." Finally, I called their corporate office in Houston and spoke with... Read more

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  • Dec 21, 2013
  • Collection Account
  • 1
  • 41

I owed AXP about $2,000 and I have been making $75.00 payment to AXP every 2 weeks. The checks are sent to AXP. When I called AXP they said they do not have any records of any payments. It looks like a payments go to this rip off GC company. It a scam, I hope I can get credit for some of the payments. Please be careful when they want to set up a payment plan. AXP just sent my account to this... Read more

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  • Aug 14, 2013
  • Multiple Calls
  • 65

I've received multiple calls from GC Services. The first calls claimed I was someone, that as far as I know, I am not. Later the calls changed to wanting to know if I was related to this person or if I knew where he lived. All calls were quite rude and would refuse to identify who they were or why they were calling, and they would hang up on me. Eventually, their phone # popped up on one of their... Read more

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  • Aug 09, 2013
  • Killeen, Texas
  • Customer Service
  • 1
  • 61

I got hired at gc services in killeen texas went to make it to training miss and got the time mixed up to be there i thinking 7:30am but had to be there at 7:am cause i9 was a lil late on the first day they would not let me in to train said they will call me back aith a new training day i have been waiting a month now i call them gave them the understanding it was fault i didnt pay close... Read more

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  • Aug 02, 2013
  • Englewood, Colorado
  • Harrasing Calls
  • 1
  • 74

This person called acted as if they knew me and said they were trying to help me but needed me to confirm my ss# and dob. I said tell me what your company is and what its about first and they got rude and kept saying I am trying to help you. I told them in order to help me I needed to know I was giving my information to, and if they couldn't then I didn't need there help. Word to the wise never... Read more

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  • Jul 25, 2013
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Gc Services
  • 118

i received a local call on my cell phone and the lady said is this jim i said yes and then she said is your last 4 dig of your ss# 0034 and i said no she said it was my ss# and i said no its not...i told her i needed to talk to a manager and she would not and gave me a complaint # well the complaint # is fake...so i called the gc home office # and ask what was going on and they said my name was... Read more

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  • Jul 09, 2013
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Collection
  • 1
  • 79

I had put my name on my nephews honda civic, in order to insure it, so that I could drive him to work, as for his license was suspended. I was pulled over for the tinted windows on his car, I removed the tint went to CHP had them stamp that it had been fixed, and mailed it to the courts, then when I went to renew my license they said failure to pay failure to appear? Now my license is suspended... Read more

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  • Jul 03, 2013
  • Student Loan
  • 4
  • 197

we filed a complaint with the BBB: GC services contacted me a few months ago because I was in default with one of my student loans. I enrolled in the program paying $390 a month for a total of 9 payments and the promise that I was going to be out of default at the end of the program and the benefits would be amazing after I was done with the 9 payments. Now that I am almost done with the payments... Read more

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