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Gate1Travel reviews, Gate1Travel complaints, read Gate1Travel reviews, find Gate1Travel reviews, Gate1Travel scam reports
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  • 59 complaints
  • $36,676 claimed losses
  • $622 average
  • 20923 since Jan 26, 2008

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Gate1Travel reviews, Gate1Travel complaints, read Gate1Travel reviews, find Gate1Travel reviews, Gate1Travel scam reports
  • 59 complaints
  • $36,676 claimed losses
  • $622 average
Had an experience with Gate1Travel?
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  • Mar 25
  • Travel
  • 4
  • 37

I will NEVER travel with Gate 1! I was looking into an escorted tour to Thailand. While their packages are extensive, and their prices reasonable, I noticed something very disturbing. No matter what departure date you choose for the 15 Day Kaleidoscope of Thailand with River Kwai, the departure date the agency lists for the departing flight is WRONG! Departure is set for a certain day, the hotel... Read more

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  • Mar 09
  • Zagreb, Grad Zagreb
  • Bad Trip
  • 3
  • 127

I'm about to quit this tour!!! This is Day 3 of my tour of Croatia and I want out. I'm not alone. Many others have complained about how this trip is not working out for them. Five people in the group are loud and obnoxious and have totally taken over the air space on the long bus trips with their inane conversations. The tour guide has done nothing to address this. Good bye Gate 1. Never again... Read more

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  • Dec 27, 2013
  • Instant Purchase
  • 2
  • 191

I lost more than 1200.00 because it was "instant purchase" because I could not go on a trip and someone else was found to take my place. Also customer service was very rude and told me "you are not listening" when I told her I did not understand why they were punishing me when their terms and conditions say you can change the name on a ticket. I would not recommend anyone use this service. You... Read more

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  • Oct 22, 2013
  • Supplement Charges
  • 2
  • 385

praises but no complaints or not even little issues. I wrote a review on Yelp on Gate 1. It was there for a day, and quickly disappeared. It was not so much as a complaint, but merely mentioned a few facts about optional tours and tipping, and about the tour guide's good points and bad points. Well, they did not like it. It disappeared from Yelp. My friend and I paid $326 extra for an earlier... Read more

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  • Oct 09, 2013
  • Vacation Tours
  • 1
  • 499

We took the 10 day River Trip in Russia. We were told that taxis would overcharge us and not adhere to previously agreed fees. We had no trouble getting a taxi to the dock in St. Petersburg for about $38 for 2, Gate 1 price, $181 for 2. We did not see online how easy or difficult it might be at the Moscow dock so took Gate 1 transfer for $181. They called a taxi for us and he handed us a... Read more

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  • Jul 15, 2013
  • New York City, New York
  • Airline Hotel Reservations
  • 469

They booked our London hotel reservation under my husband's middle name instead of his last name and there was no record of our reservation. Luckily I always confirm before I leave for a trip and found this out several days before. The hotel in London was nearly impossible to contact (in part because Virgin listed the wrong phone #), and it took me several days of nonstop calling, but I was able... Read more

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  • Jun 24, 2013
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Thailand W Phuket
  • 5
  • 621

I contacted Gate1 on June 19th. to begin reserving a 16 day trip to Thailand with Phuket. I was charged $228.00 per person for the Package Airfare Supplement out of JFK on Dec 26/2013. The Package Supplement for the same trip was been offered on June 24 for $28.00. I contacted Gate1 right away to findout why I was charged so much more and was told that prices are set by the airline, so I... Read more

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  • Jun 17, 2013
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Cruise
  • 644

I booked a river cruise with this company when they came out with a "special". the trip is in 10 months. After booking the trip 4 days later they call to say they cannot get me a reservation. This is after I had booked airfare to Europe for this trip. But of course they could upgrade me for another $800. This is the second time I have had trouble with tis company (you would think I would... Read more

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  • Apr 17, 2013
  • 3
  • 984

To Whom It May Concern: We have just returned from our six day Paris tour. Anjanet and I have serious concerns about our vacation. Our vacation began with a slight delay at the airport due to someone having left an unattended bag in the airport. We were not allowed passed the jetway into the airport for over 45 minutes. After we were finally allowed access to the airport and to retrieve our... Read more

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  • Apr 01, 2013
  • 1
  • 816

I have always wanted to go to Turkey and saw a trip on Groupon through Gate 1. I contacted Gate 1 directly before booking - thank goodness. My husband has peripheral neuropathy and cannot walk for too .long. I asked about bringing a wheel chair and was informed that not only could we not bring a wheel chair, we could not bring a walker, crutches or a cane - only a fold up cane that could go... Read more

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