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Garnier Olia caused hair to fall out.

  • by   Dec 30, 2012
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Company Garnier
Location Livingston, New Jersey
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I found Garnier's new product Olia hair color on the shelves at Wal-Mart this morning and decided to give it a try.I have used boxed hair color in the past and have always had good luck.

I used shade darkest brown 3.0. Following the directions I rinsed the hair color out in the shower and upon applying the conditioner noticed that my hair was coming out in clumps!

Not only is my hair thinner, damaged and NOT the color I thought it would be now I have to live with the fact that this supposedly "great" product made a lot of my hair fall out!I am so upset and would NEVER recomend this product to anyone else. 2ff7dc2

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Apr 14 
I switched to this product 5 months ago. I've colored my hair most of my life and thanks to my Greek heritage me and my family all have thick manes. Until now :( I've lost a third of the hair on my head and I thought it to be a hormone problem due to age. I went in got my thyroid and hormones tested.. normal. Can't believe it didn't occur to me that it was this. I have long curly hair..now its dry, tangles up all day long and I'm having to throw away hand fulls of it daily. I sadly colored again two days ago only to finally look this up. :(
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Apr 05  from Dublin, Dublin
So toxic!!! I had very bad allergy after used it! I'm still in bed... please don't use it"!
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Mar 27 
Thank god I found this site - I used Olia once and it was awesome - the second time I noticed the extreme dryness and I wondered whether I accidentally left it on longer than I should have - I'm about to recolour again but after reading all these comments - I'm going to another brand - I know it wasn't me!!! Thanks everyone.
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Mar 14  from Milford, New Hampshire
An addendum to my earlier comment: My mother's hair has also been falling out, and has thinned considerably. We both have always had very thick hair. Tod and conditioner. Does anyone know where Garnier I learned that she colored her hair with Garnier Nutrisse, and uses the Garner shampoo.
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Mar 13 
My hair has been falling out in clumps since using this product. It also falls out if I simply run my hand through my hair. I never experienced this with Loreal Root Touch up. My hair is so thin now, and it used to be very thick. I am extremely disappointed, and worried that it won't stop falling out.
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Mar 12  from Bellevue, Washington
I just tried it and my hair falled out too. Its sad I did not reviewed the product before applying it on my hair. It was the brown color aswell don't try this its all a lie.
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Feb 22 
I'ts totally made my hair fall out too...I'm losing 10x the amount of hair I normally do and have been coloring my hair a natural brown color for ages....I'm pissed! I've contacted them and they have done nothing! I'm losing hair in my bed with no hair tie and tons in the shower and in my brush! I couldn't me more pissed off!
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Feb 22 
also I had been using their nutrisse line of dye for the past 3 years previously to this Olia, "you'll love how your hair comes out" experience!
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Feb 22  from Cleveland, Ohio
Oh wow...I had the same issue. Same color choice as well. This color comes out black not brown. My hair is so dry. Every time I wash my hair multiple strands come out in clumps from root to ends..it not breakage of dead ends. I condition my hair often in hopes to she the rest of my hair. I have colored my hair at home many times using loreal. I was hoping that olia would do less damage as it was not ammonia based.....BE AWARE!
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Jan 29 
I purchased Olia in Dark Golden Brown and had a similar experience. I did the strand test and it was fine - so I went ahead and applied it all over my hair. While it was sitting on my head I started to get a bad headache. I looked in the mirror and noticed red blotchy patches on my face. Immediately I rinsed it out. This was 3 days ago. Since then I've noticed my hair falling out more and actually have 2 balding patches in the front of my head :( I've had super thick hair all my life & never have I had to deal with losing or thinning hair. I'm so upset
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Jan 15  from Michigan Center, Michigan
That's why you are suppose to do an allergy test before using the product, it says it right on the instructions. You losing your hair is due to your own Ignorance. I have used this product twice with no problem.
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Jan 01  from Singapore, Singapore
Thank you all of the reviews. I had wanted to purchase this dye today as my best friend raved to me about this product that it was awesome etc etc. Fortunately, I searched for reviews and found out some negative reviews online which stated that it cause tremendous hair falling. I am one who would be concerned more about negative reviews so I googled Garnier Olia cause hair falling and I came across this website with over 70 people who had this bad experience.

Thank you all for the reviews, if not I would be balding badly by tomorrow. (I have fine hair to begin with)
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Dec 19, 2013 
The same thing happened to me a few months ago. My hair stopped falling out after about 5-6 weeks. Half my hair is gone but I have fine baby hairs growing in now. What worked for me was to be very very gentle when handling my hair, no brushing, added water toy shampoo, mooshed conditioner into my hair instead of running my fingers through it. For some reason a swimmers shampoo helped a lot, I used Malibu C shampoo and Carol's Daughter Monoi conditioner every day and dried my hair by tying an old t shirt around it
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Dec 13, 2013 
It has been three weeks since dying my hair with olia 3.16 . I did a strand test and all was well. However, since colouring the whole of my hair, it has been a nightmare. My scalp has a burning sensation and my hair has fallen out in clumps. Each day more and more is shedding in huge amounts and I already look noticably balding. My biggest fear is that the roots have been damaged and I will be left like this forever. I went to see the nurse at our local surgery, she has suggested blood tests for anaemia despite me telling her about the dye. I am gutted.
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Dec 04, 2013  from Newcastle, England
I coloured my hair yesterday with a garnier nutrisse hair dye. Is supposed to restore the nutrients in your hair.. now this was a brown hair dye and my hair is green of what i have left coming out in clumps now i cant do nothing with it so not only its so thin its not even the right colour or soft its in the worst condition ive ever had.. will never ever use any garnier products ever again!!!! :sigh
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Nov 26, 2013  from Naples, Florida
Yes, I tried this product and I had the same result, fist I though I was just loosing hair and kept using it, big mistake, after 6 month my hair did not only thin out really bad, ( I have fine hair, but a lot) but my hair got so thin, I mean each individual hair got so thin I have to use a dark background to look at each hair. I'm approx. 60% gray and would like to stay blond as long as I can, but not at the cost of going bald.

I don't know how to stop the hair loss, and I'm scared to use any other hair color now. Does anyone have any suggestions?
:cry :( :roll :eek :(
Reply to christine

Nov 16, 2013  from Towson, Maryland
OMG!!! I am so happy I found this site!! I thought I was going crazy because my hair has gradually been getting thinner and thinner since I started using Olia. While I Iike the texture and color of my hair after coloring, it just keeps getting thinner, esp. In the areas where I first apply the product and where it remains on the longest...the front! I thought hormones, thyroid, etc. but everything is checking out normal. Now I KNOW it is the color! I have been coloring my hair for 15 years, never experienced anything like this! I will have to hope it will grow back! :sigh
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Feb 22 
Same thing here! they did nothing when I contacted them I'd previously been using nutrisse and when I switched to olia my hair has been like straw since them breaking off in consistent 4" pieces in my bed while I sleep and literally have to clear the drain in the shower 3 times while washing my hair!!!! this stuff can't be "natural" I've never experienced this type of hair loss! I am beyond rage status. :( :cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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Nov 08, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
I too have experienced some hair loss by using Olia hair color.This has been mostly on the left side upper part of the head, but also the top has thinned somewhat too, just after I have been using the Olia for about 6 or 7 months. Olia is advertised to be beneficial for the hair, yet I also noticed that it is drying too, just the opposite of what was expected.I am switching to a natural hair color after this bad experience with Olia.
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Oct 14, 2013 
I have experienced extreme hair loss due to using olia does anyone know if there is a way to stop the hair loss or how long it lasts for? I used the product a month ago and I am still losing a signficant amount of hair.
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