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  • 387 complaints
  • $868,447 claimed losses
  • $2,244 average
  • 18486 since Jun 02, 2007

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Ford reviews, Ford complaints, read Ford reviews, find Ford reviews, Ford scam reports
  • 387 complaints
  • $868,447 claimed losses
  • $2,244 average
Had an experience with Ford?
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  • Mar 30
  • Water Leak
  • 7

I have 2009 f-150 lariat with 31,000 mi,this winter i saw stains in the rear headliner after checking in a hard rain it was soaked also have water driping from the pass side pull handle.after reading forms i found out the rear leak is the third brake light and front is from the siris antena.going to dealer this week for driver side door actuator and upper control arms.I have extended warranty til... Read more

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  • Feb 23
  • Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
  • Ford Edge
  • 6

I have bought 2 Edges for my wife a 2009 and now a 2013. The 2009 had power steering hose on the rack go just shortly after the warranty finished now we have a new 2013 with the same problem at 3000kms. What the heck is wrong with that picture? I have a 2000 f150 and never had an issue with anything. Also the Edges have a very serious design flaw in the windshield design the defrost does not... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Warranty Expiration
  • 4

Although the consumer should be aware, I was not informed that the mileage did not determine warranty expiration as that was all the service department emphasized every time I had work done. When I went for my final warranty, it was too late as the date overrode everything. I am resentful that I was not informed! Ford charges a great deal of money for these warranties and should be more... Read more

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  • Feb 14
  • Livonia, Michigan
  • Ford Focus
  • 16

I leased a ford focus February 2011 I was lied to the moment I walk in the door. I was told I could purchase the focus at 4.5 then they came back and said you need to lease knowing I do a substantial amount of driving . I knew I should have walked out it was the first year the focus was reinventd it never revived 40 miles per gallon none of the focus do maybe 32 and that's doing 70 on the... Read more

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  • Feb 13
  • New York City, New York
  • Ford Explorer
  • 1
  • 13

I made a previous complaint about the new for explorers and the sterring problems, drivingthis car is a death wish. You can look up the previous post . Now something new has come to light, diving the car in the snow is also every dangerous. The tires don 't grip the road, its taken up to 30ft to stop from 15 miles per hr. Also my wife car drives and stops better in two whell drive the the... Read more

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  • Feb 06
  • Redan, Georgia
  • Car Purchase Warranty
  • 20

We noiticed. That the sticker on the window said. We told him we would not buy any car with out a warranty. He said he would give us a 30 day/1000mlie warranty Which he did not durning our test drive the service light Came on reading oil change needed . He shut it off. We asked him when the oil was changed last . His reply Was it,s alreadybeen done . Then he said they also did a 153 ... Read more

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  • Jan 25
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Faulty Car
  • 17

I purchased a used vehicle from Ford Motor and roughly 6 months after purchasing the downward spiral started. First the fuel pump went out then the cooling system. Next went the EGR coolers and this is were the problems really began, because according to ford after replacing the EGR coolers twice my warranty supposedly ran out and and once again I was out of pocket for 3900.00 for the 3rd time.... Read more

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  • Jan 24
  • San Francisco, California
  • 2007 Ford
  • 14

1/24/14 All the buttons on the driver side door of my 2007 Ford 150 went out at 49,000 miles. Took it to a dealership and the said it might be the modules need replacing. They told me that the wires inside the door were made too short and they frayed/broke. Five wires needed to be extended to connect them. Cost: Over $400.00 for a problem that Ford dealership stated was caused by wires put... Read more

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  • Jan 23
  • Sayreville, New Jersey
  • Ford Engineering
  • 1
  • 16

A design flaw by Ford allows spiders to spin webs in my 2012 Ford Escape Limited fuel tank air hose. Dealer claimed it happens all the time? Why no recall or fix by the Ford Company? Internet search revealed a recall by Mazda for same problem.$250.00 to remove spider webs from my fuel tank breathing hose. Gas pumps kept shutting off when trying to refuel. Dealership fixed problem and said in... Read more

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  • Jan 15
  • Ford Fusion
  • 25

So in summer 2013 the transmission died on my 80 year old mother's 2010 Ford Fusion. The car had 64k miles on it. A three year old car that needs a brand new, $5000 transmission? You'd think the company that made it would care - or maybe they don't care that it's a lemon of a car, but my mother was EIGHTY years old and owned Ford cars since she was 16 years old. They did not give a ***. They... Read more

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