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Fiterman Sports Group Complaint

  • by   Dec 16, 2012
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Company Fiterman Sports Group
Product / Service Photo Gloves And Trunks
Location Parma, Ohio
Category Sport
Views 299
Monetary Loss

I sent in a photo to Fiterman Sports Group to be signed by Mike Tyson.
After a week and a half, I sent the following email...

"DJ. Can you please forward me my confirmation number...
It's been Two weeks and I have not received a response from you.
I do realize you are busy but, the collecting boards are getting filled with refunds for items not being signed right.
I would appreciate a update at your earliest convenience."

Seems innocent enough since I paid for a service and wanted an update. Well, this was the Email response I received...

"First if all, don't try and talk *** to me.

If by collection boards you mean Internet forums...I have sent out 3 (yes, three) refunds out of over one THOUSAND items sent in. You never paid return shipping, but I shipped your photo back to you anyway. You're welcome.

Maybe I haven't responded because I have had hundreds of emails asking "when is my item shipping" or "did you get my item?"

I don't have a tracking number for you bc it is Saturday and I am with my family. Plus, it clearly states on our website that it may take at least ten business days for your item to be processed and returned.

DJ Fiterman
COO, Board of Directors
Fiterman Sports Group
(512) 876-7012

I have to admit that I was alittle taken back by the COO,BOARD OF DIRECTORS response.
I replied with the following...

Please see the email history attached above...I will forward you the Visa payment that was made to you that You sent me that included a shipping charge that was agreed upon amongst you and I.

And for the record, I did not "Talk ***" to you Mr Fitterman.

SportsCollectors.net must be were your "only 3 complaints" came from then.

If your company receives the amount of emails you state, asking questions about items that were paid for by the customers, then you might want to investigate a new email return system.

You are the owner of a buisness that has to deal in customer service. Good, Bad and repetitive.

If you under charged me for return shipping, then send me a new invoice.

If not, then apology accepted."

No, I have not received an email apology from Mr. Fitterman. To be honest, I never expected to.
There are numorous complaints on collector boards across the internet along with complaints to the Better Buisness Bureau in regards to Mr. Fiterman's company.

Fitterman posted on the Texas Autograph Club the following...

Re: Fiterman Sports Group's FIRST SHOW!!
« Reply #195 on Dec 13, 2012, 4:14pm »
------------------------------------------------ of all...tysonfan (whoever you are)
None of our inventory on Tyson got inscriptions. We got all of the inscriptions done on items that were for customers. You would know, if you actually went and looked at the eBay items listed which you seem to have such a problem with."

Well that discussion was locked, therefore no more posts can be made in regards to the thread.
Funny how the DAY AFTER the thread was "locked", Fitterman Sports listed items on Ebay WITH INSCRIPTIONS!

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mike-Tyso not only does his Customer Service leave something to be desired but, now customers are feeling "Lied" to.

PayPal claims were filed, Credit Card companys were contacted and Fiterman Sports even returned items, that were purchased from customers, with Postage Due! After they accepted $15 for shipping.

"And if you have questions, call my direct cell phone number (512) 876-7012 and I will answer them.

His Voice Mail was Full. Nobody could leave new messages!

Folks, there are many, many more lies that were told to customers.

After the way myself and others were treated. I will be surprised if they get a majority of their previous customers back.

BEWARE!!! 307bbce

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