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First Convenience Bank - 1st convenience bank Overdraft trick

Company First Convenience Bank
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Banks
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I was right by the bank when I mistakenly withdrew 10 dollars more than was in my account...I walked over to the counter and said here ya go I just withdrew 20$ to much.

They then informed me that I owed 3 overdraft fee's of 35 dollars... 1 for the initial overdraft then another for the maintanence fee and another for the low balance fee... I found it interesting that the moment my account goes negative the bank programs their computers to immediatly charge their customers the maintanence fee and low balance fee.. buncha crooks..

anyways .They said they could not give me the overdraft charges back unless I signed up for a "Power User" Account or somthing like that so I did. 2ff8585

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Sep 07, 2013 
There are so many pretentious *** wholes on here who act like they have never made a mistake in their lives. They can start by taking a look atty how they type their ridiculous comments. I believe most can agree that being charged hundreds of dollars over a few just isn't right.
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Aug 21, 2013  from Irving, Texas
This bank is rediculous. And for all of the people working there trying to say that all other banks have fees...your just talkin sh** trying to cover up for your *** employer. I have 4 other accts with 4 other DIFFERENT banks, and I have NEVER in my life had so many fees thrown at my acct. Lol and someone told me before I even got it that I shouldnt. Oh well thats my fault, but I can promise you one thing, there are waaaaay better banks out there that dont charge to start a d*** acct or any type of bullsh** for that matter. Peace! :grin

Apr 27, 2013  from Houston, Texas
They charge you overdraft even if you have the money. Say you had $500 in your account. One day you bought five things at $100, say a penny comes out of your account for whatever reason. You would be charged an overdraft for everything you bought. I don't understand the logic in that. I asked a rep and they said it's because the bank paid those transaction. Which makes no sense. This is the first bank I have ever dealt with where the available balance overrides the current balance. Acting as a fast track to claiming everything you brought was an overdraft.
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May 31, 2013 
Thats so not right. Bank of America was sued for doing that years back. Now they apply the overdraft charge to the last charge that made the account go over. And even then they don't charge a overdraft charge if the overdraft is less than $100.00 AND a deposit is made within 5 days to cover the overdraft. They also don't charge an overdraft for the first 4 items. Example. Lets say I only have $10.00 in my account but 5 charges come through, each for $15.00. There was not enough money in my account to cover all 5 charges. the bank will pay all 5. They will only charge one overdraft fee for the 5th item. The first 4 are not charged a over draft fee as long as there is a deposit in the account within 5 days to cover the charges. However if a deposit is not made then a fee will be assessed for each charge. They don't advertise this but I found this out because it happened to me. I recieved a notice that 4 charges were waived but one was applied. Luckily it was the day before my direct deposit was made. 8)
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Mar 17, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Overdrafted once by 10 dollars for emergency reasons.

2 days later I owe 456.00 dollars.

*** ripoff artists.

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Jan 26, 2013 
All it takes is a little part of your brain and learning from your mistakes done at the bigger banks to manage this bank account properly. Read anything you sign! Didn't your parents teach you that? All companies that are in business do not tell you everything that is in a contract, terms and conditions and this Deposit Agreement. It is a responsibility to read this important information on your own to protect your self. The problem with this nation is too many people need their hands held and think just by blowing up on a customer service agent that they will get what they want. That is just being spoiled. This is a second chance bank so of course there are going to be more fees. I have banked here for four years and have not had one OD fee, neg bal. fee or any issues due to the fact i learn how the bank operates which is within the right of the law. This bank is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regulated by the US Government. So read, listen and learn and you too can manage your bank account without flaw.
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Nov 29, 2012 
Do I have to have direct deposit to withdraw money
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Nov 07, 2012 
shut them all down first convenience suck i wouldn't have my dog get account with them rip me out of almost 500.00 what kind of banking is this
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Jan 26, 2013 
This is one example of improper english language usage. If your going to make comments about how your think a company is ripping you off, at least don't use run on sentences and make some sense yourself. Proper intellect may help you in the long run in managing your bank account.
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Feb 28, 2013  from Irving, Texas
If your going to make comments about how your think a company is ripping you off, at least don't use run on sentences and make some sense yourself.


"If your going"......It's "you're" as in "you are".
Oh the irony of *your* uneducated a$$ trying to correct others.
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Oct 28, 2013  from Parkville, Maryland
How about you go *** yourself. If you are not here to make a complaint against the bank we really do not need to here what you have to say. You must be one of those people who works at the bank.
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Nov 04, 2012 
This is so simple.Don't OVER DRAFT your account and You will not have this problem.I am sure you are aware of how money is in your account in the first place.So if you are low on fund's,Do not withdraw from your account.If you chose to do so.Then be prepared to pay out yor butt.WTF.This is how the bank's make so much money on you all.You all try to beat the bank's,But in the end the bank's are beating you all.DUH.
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Nov 04, 2012 
I was a victim of identity theft. Although all the money taken out of my account was credited back after the lengthy investigation non and I mean non of the bank charges were reversed!
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Oct 05, 2012 
1 *** is just that. A bank that cons people out of their hard earned money. will give you a loan on the high a-- fees they have attached to your account but if you ask them for a loan, you are not eligible. go figure? They will get their money whether you have money to live off of anyway, so why not help a brotha out? Banks do not help their victims out but just keep victimizing them. 1 *** is the main bank that survives off their customers fees. We need to watch them and file on them (BBB) when we see that they are making up fees, after fees, after fees. I have been charged a fee called a "funds not available fee" for trying to use my bank card. SICKATHEM!
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Jan 26, 2013 
@ sickatthem....good luck with that (BBB) filing. Make sure you take your Deposit Agreement and Banking Statement of Fees that you received when you opened your account so (BBB) wont waste their time. This is a FDIC bank. Google FDIC and you may change your mind on wanting to waste your time on filing a complaint. I suggest an economics or accounting 101 course. That may help you more in the long run.
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Feb 13, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
Me too. I got charged several for trying to use my atm card at the gas pump. It kept saying declined. I called and was told that since I didn't have over $100 in my acct that it would decline and to go inside and pay for the $10 in gas I wanted. It locked my card down also, took almost an hour to resolve this, get it back on and pay for gas....this is pure BS. They sure don't tell you when you open your account that this will happen. Be careful. You also get charged 2 bucks for EVERY decline and they don't give it back when you go in the branch. Lets put it this way...you get what you pay for and if you can open an acct for $1 like they do.....RUN LIKE H**L AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN GET.
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Oct 04, 2012 
How can a account be overdrawn 1200
Thats what they said mine was and that is impossible
.i got a printout with all kinds of charges

Managers sat and stared at me like we dont want to deal with you
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Sep 17, 2012 
I have two accounts I have a overdraft loan on one of the accounts does this affect my other account
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Aug 15, 2012 
I just qonder how far they will let you overdraft my merchant accidentaly typed in $500 instead of $50 & it was approved we caught it but will it really let you overdraft that much it was like a $304 overdraft.
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