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Fingerhut charges $1.00 to pay!

  • by   Oct 06, 2009
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Company Fingerhut
Product / Service Charge Account
Location Greenville, South Carolina
Category Credit Cards
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I accepted a Fingerhut account offer. They replied in a few days that my account was opened with a $600 limit, which can be used to buy Fingerhut catalog goods online. Now, for the joke of the story:

1. A new hard credit inquiry appeared on my credit report from Equifax.
(this was hardly worth it for a small Fingerhut account). It appears
that the account will be reported to Equifax, which might help my
credit score in some small way.

2. The big joke. After purchasing 2 small items for an absurd price of
nearly $100, I paid my bill online. To my horror, I find that this
place (Fingerhut / CIT Credit Card) charges $1.00 fee to pay online.

There is no bigger joke in the universe than a place that charges you $1.00 to pay. Would they really rather I mail in a check?!!!! The option
is there for you to pay via your checking/savings account or to a credit or debit card. To my understanding, it is a violation of VISA / M.C. terms for a merchant to CHARGE A FEE TO PAY!!

Does anyone know who or where one can report this activity? I don't plan on using Fingerhut again, because of this fee. Its not the $1.00, its the principal of the thing!


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Jun 27, 2012 
I honestly dont see a problem with paying a $1 fee, even having my auto insurance come out of my savings theres installment fees and etc etc, Im sure the service they use to accept the payment is whats charging you, not fingerhut them selves, its no different that going to the store and transfering money or payin a bill theres always something
Reply to Cody

Oct 06, 2011 
There is actually no fee at all to pay online, but you cannot use a credit or debit card. Only a checking or savings account. The fee is when you actually call Fingerhut and make a payment by phone with a customer service rep. And it's a $5.00 fee, unless of coarse you are making it late, then it is less.
Reply to GlenwoodGirl0706

Mar 15, 2010 
I think with the economy the way it is,
Fingerhut should be glad for the customers paying their payments and for them to charge 1.00 to make a payment is absurd.
When this all began, one only had to pay if they were late with their payments, they just keep coming up with other reasons to get more money. I am surprised they have any customers at all. Also, I just see in my banking account where they have taken out my payment amount twice. I will be calling them at 8 in the morning.
It was only put in ONCE and paid by computer.
Reply to Upset Over 1.00 Charge

Dec 07, 2009 
At one time it was against the rules to charge a fee OR to require a min purchase amount.

All the conv. stores (excluding Circle-K/7-11) have a 4 or 5 dollar min purchase requirement or charge a fee ranging from .25 cents to $1.50 so I have no issue with paying that fee.

What does intrigue me is how can they accept credit/debit cards for payment when the laws in my state say that you can't pay for credit with credit. Otherwise, I would be able to pay off a Mastercard with another Mastercard or Visa.

I do think that there is an exception for BHPH car dealers though (you can make your weekly payments with a credit card there).
Reply to Brad

Nov 17, 2009 
It's funny I ran across this. I paid my first fingerhut bill today and decided to do it online and I was thinking WTF when I saw the fee. That is very strange but when you think about it, there are lots of companies out there charging you $5 just to pay by phone. So I guess a dollar is better than five any day.

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