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Fifth third Bank - illegal collection practices

Company Fifth Third Bank
Product / Service Debt Collection
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Category Banks
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Following is a letter sent on Oct. 4, 2008 to the Federal Trade Commission, Fifth Third Executives, and several legal advisors:

I have been receiving calls from a Scott Paltelky with Fifth Third Bank regarding an alleged past due debt that I am not familiar with. I believe that Mr. Paltelky works out of a Fifth Third branch in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Mr. Paltelky's phone number is 1-800-652-5853 and his employee number is Fifth Third Bank employee number E987772. Mr Paltelky claims that I owe a debt of about $8,833.29 to Fifth Third Bank.

It should be noted for the record that, when Scott Paltelky called me about a week ago regarding this alleged debt, that he quickly began asking me for my social security number, place of employment, current address,etc. I actually thought that this was either a prank call or some bill collector on a “fishing expedition.” I played along and threatened to report him to the FBI.

I have looked into this matter thoroughly. It appears that Fifth Third Bank bought First Charter within the last year. To my knowledge, I have had two accounts with First Charter Bank. I looked at a credit report recently from Equifax and Experian. The reports showed one account with a limit of $900 opened in August 2001. This was an unsolicited credit card offer supposedly to “rebuild my credit” that was paid as agreed and closed per my request 3/2003. An Equifax report from 6/1/2005 showed an account opened 11/1989 with First Charter Bank- Account Status- included in bankruptcy- date reported 12/2002. My bankruptcy was finalized in October 2001. I ordered another series of credit reports from Equifax and Experian on Sept 29. The Equifax report NOW shows the account for the credit cardwith the $900 limit AND A FIFTH THIRD ACCOUNT NUMBER THAT WAS NOT ON ANY PREVIOUS CREDIT REPORT.

I spoke with a Fifth Third rep in Nashville and got the full account number for this mysterious new entry on my credit report- #88000140208. This account shows up on the Sept. 29 Equifax credit report as opened 08/2001 with a high credit limit of $8,833. It is shown as a 12-month unsecured installment loan. Mr. Paltelky made some vague reference to a checking account with First Charter Bank. I do not recall ever having a checking account with First Charter and believe that Mr. Paltelky is being deceitful with me. I filed bankruptcy in June 2001 and it was granted in October 2001. What are the chances of ANY bank giving someone a credit line of $8,833 in the midst of a chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. My Experian credit report from Sept. 29, 2008, unlike several recent credit reports from Experian, now also shows a new entry of the same account number opened Aug. 2001- 12 month installment loan- credit limit$8,833- recent balance $0. Under the "Status" column- it reads as follows:Account history- charge off as of July 2008, June 2008. As of March 2015,this account is scheduled to go to a positive status. Address identification number: 85422938. In other words, we, Fifth Third Bank, will use extortion in the form of a derogatory credit entry on my credit report to get you to pay this bogus debt!! It happens more often than most people realize.

All of my debts to First Charter have been either paid in full as agreed or discharged in Bankruptcy effective October 2001. L.G. Burnett of Nashville was my bankruptcy attorney and verified this information for me this week.This is clearly a case of a desperate bank whose stock has plummeted in recent weeks trying to collect a "scavenger debt." Regional Adjustment Bureau, a collection agency out of Memphis has been even more deceptive and misleading in trying to collect this alleged debt. I sent written correspondence to the collection office of Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, OH and to Ethel in the Fifth Third Bankruptcy Department. My Correspondence to the Cincinnati office referenced my conversation with Scott Paltelky and requested that he and his company cease and desist any further collection calls to me. I asked that they mail me all documentation they have that they believe proves that I legally owe this debt. My letter to Ethel with the Fifth Third Bankruptcy Department requested a cease and desist on collection calls and further requested full documentation to support their claim that I owe this alleged debt.Not only do I vehemently deny that I legally owe this debt, I believe that Fifth Third is using unethical, deceptive and possibly illegal tactics to collect on a discharged bankruptcy debt. I intend to defend these charges vigorously.I work at Vanderbilt University and have spoken with several of our legal experts in the field of bankruptcy. I have been told that, should the need arise, I can get Pro Bono representation from my colleagues to clear these charges and to have the derogatory entry on my credit reportsremoved. I insist on having the current derogatory information relating to this alleged debt removed from all three credit reporting agency records. The cost for Fifth Third to defend my counter suit will likely greatly exceed their perceived potential for their recovery for thisalleged debt. I have also been told that, if there is litigation, I can sue to recover reasonable personal attorney fees even if none were incurred as a result of Pro Bono representation.I respectfully request that The Federal Trade Commission look into the practices of Fifth Third Bank's dubious collection practices. I am sure that others are being harassed as well. Please note that I am mailing a copy of this correspondence to individuals referenced below. This nonsense needs to stop!!

CC by letter: Bob Cooper- Tennessee State Attorney General
Roy Cooper- North Carolina State Attorney General
L.G. Burnett- Nashville bankruptcy attorney
Greg. D. Carmichael- Chief Operating Officer- Fifth Third
Robert A. Sullivan- Sr. Executive VP and Regional President-Fifth Third Bank
Kevin T. Kabat- Chairman, CEO- Fifth Third Bank
Federal Trade Commission


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Jul 11, 2012 
I dont anwer phone calls. Till I get the paper work showing what i own. Then ill call talk a deal then. djdrop2012@gmail.com
Reply to Jennifer Romero

Jul 10, 2012 
My acct number is 0870725744. I need the paper work what I own fax to706-545-6088. So i paid off what i own in payments . Maybe when i get my taxes . My e-mail djdrop2012@gmail.com. So i get out of dedt..
Reply to Jennifer Romero

Jul 10, 2012 
Hi I need a copy of the moun t I own. So I can pay it to get my credit when I get my taxes . I lost my job . I was paying the truck with . Pls. Send fax 706-545-6088. My e-mail is djdrop2012@gmail.com. 706-464-1177
Reply to hi im Jennifer Anne Romero

Dec 14, 2011 
Anyone notice car traffic at fifth third bank branches? I'm uncertain, but I think fifth turd is putting themselves out of business.

As for Steven VA's comments.
You typify the broken down apathetic American this government and bankers love to pander to.
George's post had substance, facts, references. Steven? you're an ***.
Reply to roboto

Mar 14, 2011 
i know this sounds upprofessional..
but 5/3 are killing me slowly and my family and my future.. they lied and are stealling my money out of my account... Thank you capitalism, thank you for betraying my trust and my loyalty to that bank... 5/3 sucks
Reply to my heart hurts

Jun 28, 2010 
I heard that Robert Taylor went to this bank to try and get a loan. here is my e-mail gaytaylor20032000@yahoo.com as soon as possible.. Thanks,
Reply to about Robert Taylor

Feb 23, 2009 
Fifth third should taken to court because they rip people off all the time. They did it to me and my wife. The only thing good is that they are going down. Look at the stock they are going bank rupt. Good. I am glad. I hope they go down soon :)
Reply to kc

Feb 15, 2009 
Just Go to the the Magistrate and file a Harrassing communicaTIONS WARRANT ON KEVIN KABAT this will stick and if enough people do this they will be force to change thier ways. This is listed in the criminal codes and is a criminal act if prosecute he will have a blemish on his record that will follow him for ever.
Reply to kkerwood

Oct 15, 2008 

I have read your complaint and boy does that bring up bad memories. I know of a lot of people including myself who have had all kinds of problems with Fifth Third Bank- double billing on car loans, adding false statements or credit reports, charging outrageous and excessive fees and on and on.

Don't let the bashers stop you. Sounds like it's you against the Fifth Third Collection team today. Oh well, what do you expect- they are just trying to justify their miserable existence.
Reply to Edward

Oct 15, 2008 
George, you seem to have lots of time to contact these people about your proble. Why dont you just get a job and pay your bills.

Before you even say it I have read your postings and no I am not associated with Fifth Third Bank. I live in VA and work for a small company and strugle to pay my bills myself. You should have considered getting an additional job or maybe getting help from Vanderbilt University for your medical needs. They do have a benevolance program on their site that would help you. Call your friends at Vanderbilt and ask them.

Stephen VA
Reply to Stephen VA

Oct 15, 2008 
Written by George Fischer Nashville Tenn, on 15-10-2008 08:32

If anyone has questions regarding this post please contact.

George Fischer (615) 662-4655 6225

By all means, give me George Fischer a call. I spoke with the attornies for Regional Adjustment Bureau yesterday. Regional Adjustment Bureau was handling the falsified debt on my credit report. Not any more. The attorney was very apologetic and asked me not to hold his client liable. The jury is still out on that one.
I would love to share my experiences with anyone who has had a problem with Fifth Third Bank.

Or contact

Scott Paltelky- Fifth Third Bank bill collector at 1-800-652-5853 x66257

or Kevin Kabat-Fifth Third Bank Chairman-513-534-5300

or Greg Carmichael-Chief Operating Office- Fifth Third Bank-513-534-5300

Also, if you have been victimized by Fifth Third Bank in any way, here are some good contacts to forward your complaints-

complaint @ ftc.gov

Customer.Assistance @ occ.treas.gov

consumerhelp @ federalreserve.gov

They are obligated to follow up on your complaint.

Isn't this fun?
Reply to George Fischer

Oct 15, 2008 
Not a Fifth Third Employee here. I am just sick of people not paying their bills and thinking that the rest of us should have to bare the burden.
Reply to Carl from CA

Oct 15, 2008 
It's obvious that most respondents are Fifth Third Employees. No one in their right mind could read the original complaint and defend Fifth Third Bank.
Reply to Banker

Oct 14, 2008 
It sounds like you are a little lawsuit happy. Did you even inform the bank that there was an error prior to flying off the handle? Sounds like a conversion error to me. Most banks/businesses will correct an error when it is identified, but it takes a little time.
Reply to Another Bank Customer

Oct 14, 2008 
US Bank Customer- You can't be serious. It is obvious that First Charter wrote the debt off as a legally discharged bankruptcy debt in 2001.

Fifth Third has a track record of screwing peoples credit reports up and using these damaged credit reports as a form of extortion to collect old debts illegally
Reply to Anon

Oct 14, 2008  from Lanett, Alabama
Sounds to me like the problem started with First Charter and Fifth Third is just following up with collections from First Charter.
Reply to US Bank Customer

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