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Feldco reviews, Feldco complaints, read Feldco reviews, find Feldco reviews, Feldco scam reports
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  • 12 complaints
  • $41,800 claimed losses
  • $3,483 average
  • 2507 since Nov 14, 2010

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Main address: 125 East Oakton 60018 Des Plaines IL
1-866-4FELDCO, , http://www.4feldco.com/replacement-window-quote.aspx
Feldco reviews, Feldco complaints, read Feldco reviews, find Feldco reviews, Feldco scam reports
  • 12 complaints
  • $41,800 claimed losses
  • $3,483 average
Had an experience with Feldco?
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  • Dec 17, 2013
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Windows
  • 15

the windows are poor quality, the lock's are useless. the warranty is not a warranty for life, its for one year. don't, I repeat don't buy these poor quality windows. they lie cheat and steal. be forewarned. they will charge you 60 dollars to come out on a warranty claim and charge you for labor. I cannot stress how poor the quality is for these windows. the locks don't meet, you will have... Read more

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  • Nov 26, 2013
  • Full Warranty
  • 50

Feldco - Full Warranty is a joke We have 4 windows installed by "FELDCO" (sub - contractors) 7 years ago for $2000. I know the price is high but I was getting "life time warranty" so I thought I was getting decent deal .Lately we have a lots of noise coming through the windows it got to the point my 8 years old daughter starts to complain in the night she can't sleep because is to... Read more

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  • Aug 14, 2013
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Windows
  • 3
  • 85

I had researched Feldco on the web and saw a few complaints on pissed consumer. I had read positive reviews on other sites so I thought I would give them a try. After having them out to my house I felt compelled to come back on this site to say that I am pleased not pissed. They replaced my windows with brand new ones that I can actually open. They were curteous and efficient. The... Read more

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  • Aug 13, 2013
  • New Lenox, Illinois
  • Windows Installation
  • 92

Shortly after installation of 2 windows that cost 5000, one of them was getting moisture between the glass. Even though i was told this was under warantee, that only lasted until the installers left my house because whwn i called about the moistute between glass, the told me it was not covered and that it would be 60 dollars for a guy to come out and then what ever it cost to fix tje problem. ... Read more

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  • Jul 13, 2013
  • Window
  • 110

Installers were great as well as the sales man. Windows do not lock well screens are difficult to close and allows bugs to enter through poorly placed vent holes for water drainage. I am unable to leave windows open otherwise my home is glood with flying insects. The windows tilt from side to dide sometimes making it difficult to vlose. Others require extra force to close. Called Feldco more... Read more

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  • May 08, 2013
  • 1
  • 143

The bottom of one of my vinyl windows has turned from white to a streaking orange rust color. I tried numerous cleaners that Feldco recommended to try and get off this staining but no luck. I call Feldco since I was told by the salesman that if there was any problems to call and they would come at no charge. Even their sales contract says full coverage of seal, breakage, and frame structure. No... Read more

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  • Mar 15, 2013
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • 218

Feldco Des Plaines is surely a place where The Good Guys finish last. My buddy was hired there not long ago as a "Call Center Supervisor." Mind you, he was the only Male in the entire department. The manager, who seems like the subordinate to the supervisor, is clueless and the supervisor, who is totally power struck, runs this place in a strict ANTI MALE fashion. Upper management here must be... Read more

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  • Jan 26, 2013
  • 238

Not happy with the windows getting wet at the bottom of them. Had Feldco out and they said it was the humidity in our home. We have since run our dehumidifer all day, every day, turning off only at night. The dehumidier sits directly in front of the worse window (we had 4 installed, they all get wet and in the cold, freeze). I questioned if it was condensation from the cold outside aid... Read more

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  • Nov 28, 2012
  • Evanston, Illinois
  • Window And Sliding Door
  • 1
  • 350

We will never do business with them again. Very poor quality workmanship as well as a take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to customer service. We had Feldco install a replacement sliding glass door for our sunroom and also had them install a double hung window to replace a garden window in our kitchen. The total cost for the install was around $2800 which I thought was high, but I wanted... Read more

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  • Feb 03, 2012
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Sliding Doors
  • 2
  • 292

We contracted Feldco to replace all windows and a sliding door in our home, and realized what a bad decision when the installation crew started working on the house. They did a sloppy job, installed the sliding door against code, left dents on the inside walls and window shutters, a nail was sticking out in our living room, and there were already a number of scratches on the new windows. On top... Read more

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