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FBK Products - Septic Remedy/Enza Power

  • by   Jul 16, 2008
  • Review #: 127679
Company FBK Products
Product / Service Septic Remedy
Location Hagerstown, Maryland
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Monetary Loss

They promised faster draining of toilets, drains, etc and if not satisfied I could pay off. Also, I could make one payment per YEAR. I wanted to send back because product made no difference, but because I didn't make my payments on time, I was not allowed.

They have nmde continual harrassing phone calls about payment but won't answer my question about why I can't send product back and get my money back when I've asked many times.

Product doesn't work and they won't take it back because they know it doesn't work!!!


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May 25, 2010 
:( I bought this stuff f our years ago. Showed it to my neighbor who workd for Rotor-Rooter and he said to mail it back--it was nothing I wanted in my septic system. I called FBK; told them I was sending the product back. I called again within a week--yep, they had it, thanks so much.
FOUR YEARS LATER, I start getting the rudest collection calls....I finally settled the whole account for $25...or they could chase me to the end of days.

If you send this stuff back, send it with a tracking number. Take photos of you packing it up and mailing it off.
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Aug 14, 2009 
Rude phone call from this company -- He was belligerent and argumentative when asked the nature of his call! They can kiss my a@@!
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