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Express Scripts reviews, Express Scripts complaints, read Express Scripts reviews, find Express Scripts reviews, Express Scripts scam reports
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  • 73 complaints
  • $13,245 claimed losses
  • $181 average
  • 5535 since Sep 16, 2011

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Express Scripts
Main address: 2000 Springer Dr 60148-6402 Lombard IL
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Express Scripts reviews, Express Scripts complaints, read Express Scripts reviews, find Express Scripts reviews, Express Scripts scam reports
  • 73 complaints
  • $13,245 claimed losses
  • $181 average
Had an experience with Express Scripts?
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  • 22 hours ago
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Prescriptions By Mail
  • 3

on 3/25/2014 I received a letter from this company stating that my request for an additional quantitiy of medication was approved. I was promised my extra 30 day supply would be sent within 1 week. I still have not received it. Last night they put me on hold for over 20 minutes and no one came back, they hung up on me, and then told me that the letter I had from them (which included a case #)... Read more

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  • Mar 29
  • Prescription
  • 8

This particular "business," is without doubt yet ANOTHER HUGE "government agency!!" NO legitimate business could possible continue to BE IN BUSINESS, with the level of incompetent employees, period. Certainly, since the "official," enactment of Obamacare or the Unaffordable Care Act. . . this place has literally gone to the DOGS!!! I NEVER, as in EVER speak with ANYONE, supervisor or... Read more

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  • Mar 25
  • Prescription Drug
  • 16

With all the complaints I do not know how these people are still in business. Delayed or lost prescriptions. Impossible to contact. Late or not filled prescriptions with multiple excuses. Stress in worrying if my supply of pills will run out while Express Scripts plays with whether they even know that they have the Rx. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I am forced to fill my prescriptions here. I... Read more

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  • Mar 23
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • Mail Order Prescription
  • 13

I should have received a prescription in the mail which according to the tracking info was delivered. I never received it. You can get no information from the post office and basically none from express scrips. My only recourse is to have them refill the order and pay a second copay. It remains to be seen at this time if I will actually receive the refill. Their customer service is horrible. The... Read more

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  • Mar 17
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Delivery Problem
  • 20

I have been ordering my diabetic test strips. They never ship them. Last time I order them on telephone, talking to their agent on March 12th. 2014. They send me letter week later that they could not fill or ship my prescription without my approval. I received the letter on March 15th. 2014. Called them the next Monday the March 17th. 2014. They said the March 12th order is not showing on their... Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Wrong Prescription
  • 17

First I was sent the wrong prescription. Called them to complain about my wrong prescription. They did not help, telling me to call my doctor. My dr called, saying this is the incorrect prescription. Express scripts ADMITTED it was wrong. Now they will not give me a credit. I'm calling them again and talking to a supervisor of their supervisor. I was billed $208.00 for a medication that i don't... Read more

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  • Feb 10
  • Pills Recorder Placing
  • 19

I called to place a reorder on pills. I gave them the refill number. They said they had no record of that number. They could see when the last prescription was sent out and the invoice number, but that there was not any refills of any medication available. I went over every medicine I have which all had refills available and their system shows no refills available for each one. They have NO... Read more

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  • Feb 04
  • Substitute Medication
  • 25

I have been taking a brand medication. 3 months back when I ordered for it, they sent me a substitute medication without asking me. They said, Generic came into market and they have right to substitute without my permission. I spoke to them and said I don't want to change to Generic and requested to refund. They refused to refund. I had to do another order for the brand one. Last week I ordered... Read more

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  • Jan 30
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Online Prescription
  • 23

My doctor accidental sent an online prescription thru. Express Script formaly medco had authorization for upto 25 they tried to charge 160 I, tried to stop the shipment but said it was about to ship. So i offered to send it back thier like no your responsible for it have a good day. Now I cant order any other medication thru them even that im willing to pay for it in advance. they refuse to be... Read more

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  • Jan 14
  • Palo Alto, California
  • Medication Prescription
  • 1
  • 73

For last 3 months there has been a battle to receive needed amount of med. Denied 1st time needing prior autho for among 3 pills> than their *** policy! (Where did they get all the medical degrees making them the meds. amount god!) Called, talked with a supervisor, assured all was well. Next month refill is rejected for lack of prior autho. Called again, supervisor promised the approval for... Read more

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