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Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Correctional Billing service

Company Evercom Correctional Billing Services
Product / Service Correctional Billing Service
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Category Home Phone
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Monetary Loss

I called the 18008446591 and they wanted me to pay everytime i called and the block was still on for receiving incoming calls from the ottawa county jail....and it says that i paid the full amount but it is still block and there is no one to talk to about this!!!I don't want to get charged 5 times of 50 dollars if it is still blocked and i paid 37 dollars every time i talked to him and said it was a mim of 50 dollars!!!

Im fed up with this!!!I want to get my money back!!! 2ff85da

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Dec 08, 2011 
Reply to APRIL

Feb 24, 2011 
dont pay the ridiculous rates these vultures are charging ,put money on your peoples books so they can buy phone cards.if and where possible. i was about to go through it again until this page popped up when i searched cbs now i think i'll make the 2 hour round trip drive and drop money off at the jail so they can buy a phone card. saves me all the hassle you guys are talking about i know cause i went through it recently when they sat after being arrested. screw cbs! 8)
Reply to lance

Jan 14, 2011 
My Mother is having the same issue, only from Mclean County. I have called everyone and thier brother and no help. I haven't decided yet if I want to give them my money. How maddening is this
Reply to Lisa McClintock

Jan 10, 2011 
Ineed to have a phone number removed from my account and every time i get a recording i can never speak to a live operator. Can you please speak to me through e-mail
Reply to Kathy Holmes

May 31, 2010 
My phones blocked my payment methods are blocked I owe correctional billing money yet they wont except my payment method the same one I've used since day one all the sudden its a surcurity risk WTH!!!! Now what???
Reply to Jason

May 27, 2010 
This comment is for ignorant Bill. Who says they did the crime? You sound like a govt. worker, or maybe you're just on welfare. Go get a job. You're an ***
Reply to abx

Apr 09, 2010 
:sigh my son is right next door to me basically and i have to pay for collect calls. I am local. This is just a rip off. Evercom is making billions and the jails are getting kick backs. Jails and any venders associated with them are all about making big money. If you research them you will find that evercom owns the phones in the jail and considering the amount of inmates that use them on a daily basis our jails should be like resorts for the kick backs they get. oh sorry it is called percentage they receive. There is nothing like penalizing the family of inmates for the crimes they committed. More than half the time the phones do not work or are disconnected. try getting your money back if the inmate leaves. i am still waiting 1 and a half years later for my refund. evercom is one of the most expensive services out there. when my son was over a hundred mile away in a state facility it cost me less than half the price for his calls. different service same state. RIP OFF!!!!
Reply to lanie

Apr 06, 2010 
To the response of Bill- These complaints are about the services rendered by Evercom. The procedure is explained, it is followed by relatives of these inmates, Evercom gets the money requested, but do not deliver the services as promised. If you are running a business, providing a service, customers expect you to do just that.
Reply to JSims

Feb 27, 2010  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
To all you people who complain. Tell your loved one who is calling you from jail or prison, they shouldnt have done the crime if they can't afford the time and $$$$$
Reply to Bill

Oct 17, 2009 
I use correctional billing services for my son and they are on the level with you. BUT, it is EVERCOM that is the problem. If you call and get a number from Correctional Billing and get a local number, is is EVERCOM that blocks the number, NOT CORRECTIONAL BILLING! I know firsthand from my experience. Try using different emails, etc. with Evercom and maybe it can work for awhile. I have had 3 numbers blocked so far but it is blocked by EVERCOM. Do not tell EVERCOM where you got the number or they will block it right away. Just tell them it is for another family member.
Reply to Faye

Sep 26, 2009  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
I had to pay a minimum of $50 to get my account on for my son. I live in the same county where he is in jail and each time he calls me they charge $2.41. I feel so bad for those of you paying thirty something dollars per call. I wish I could get in this business, I'd make it honest and affordable for families. God Bless!
Reply to Ruby

Mar 27, 2009 
when i'm talking to my husband using cbs we can be on the phone for 2/3 mins and the woman is coming over the phone saying NO CUSTOME CALLING FEATURES ALLOWED....... what does that mean??? I really dont care all I care about is that the phone hangs up on us, so he has to call right back so basically were paying twice for one call..... then I go and call the 1800 # and they act like they have no idea of whats going on giving you the run arounds..... and these calls are not cheap....... i'm not happy with this service you guys should really work on fixing this seriously :( :cry :( :cry :?
Reply to tara davis

Jan 24, 2009  from Horni Plana, Jihocesky Kraj
Im upset at the fact CBS blocked my boys from calling for no good reason. I pay my bill on time have never been late in over 20yrs Even my phone company dosent know why they would put a block since I have not been late.When I called CBS they wanted money for pre paid card 60 dollars and 60 more to set it up I said no fraud I already pay through Cox Sonow I cant talk to my son for 90 ty days or until they let me Is there another long distace company I can go to? :cry :cry
Reply to jewell22twice@yahoo.com

Oct 13, 2008 
Reply to MS. MURPHY

Jul 26, 2008  from Monroe, Maine
I called the 800 number and talked to a rep who wasn't in the United States! The bill is paid and they insist that there is a limit and the phone is blocked.
Reply to embrey

Jul 24, 2008  from Amlagora, West Bengal
the amount of the phone call is based on how far you are from the location of the jail/prison. I was paying $15 a call until I changed my # to a more local # that is closer to the location of where my man is locked up at and it changed it from $15 a call to $4.00, but I personally feel that Evercom should inform customers of that option, but they want to make $$$!!! :roll
Reply to Nuya

Jun 25, 2008  from Cagayan De Oro, Cagayan De Oro
:( :x :sigh
Reply to SMITH

Mar 07, 2008  from Clark, New Jersey
DONE FOR ME AND MY SON THANK YOU ! : :p 8) :) :zzz :p :p 8) :zzz :eek

Feb 11, 2008  from Saugus, Massachusetts
Iam very up set with your service why do you put ablock on my phone withj out my permission as long as i pay mybill you should not block myphone
Reply to maurice hampton

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