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Etihad Airlines Delayed and damaged luggage - no comp and worse customer care

Company Etihad Airlines
Product / Service Ariline Travel
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Category Airlines
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While traveling from New Delhi to JFK New York, the flight got cancelled from Delhi to Abhi Dhabi, the experience with Etihad ground staff was miserable, I had infant they were arranging people's flight thru countries w/o asking their VISA situation, I was set for flight for NYC thru Paris where I would require the transit VISA and that I didn't have. The staff head was so unprofessional rather than understanding the situation he was just trying to push on the flight and get rid off, he didn't believe on my explanation why I could not travel, after waiting for 2+ hours I was set to the Abu Dhabi flight in last minute and my luggage was untagged and lost. Some how they found the luggage because I have my personal address there the Airline shipped the luggage 4 days later broken and damaged. I called Airlines and bring honest I said nothing is lost but bag and stuff inside was broken damaged. The customer care from India somewhere said this is very usual, there was not even any empathy or compensation. I had such a worse experience. There is already an issue I am fighting with Etihad's NYC ticketing for their mistake for additional fee cost to me 3% on the purchase of ticket as foreign charges. Stay away from Etihad



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May 19, 2013  from New York, New York
Unethical and slow ground staff.
A unevitable experience which can happen to anyone when you are traveling with Etihad Airways. Bad part is it is at no mistake of passanger. This airlies promisses about good service but when situation comes, ground staff is horrible. Seems they are having disconnect between projecting their image and people executing them at the airpot/fligth.

Below is the situation:
1) I was traveling from Mumbai to New York via Abu Dhabi. My Mumbai to Abu Dhabi flight could not land at Abu dhabi on Mar 16th due to Fog. Totally understable that for safety reasons they landed flight in Muskat but the problem starts here. Flight attendants did not inform us before landing in Muskat what we will be doing in Muskat and how long we will be waiting there. Most of the passangers (including me) had connecting flight which we feared missing. We waited for 1.5 hour in plane then we were deboarded in Muskat. When we got down we were not kept informed what will heppen with our connecting flights. Lunch provided with 50 minutes wait in line. We were flown back to Abu dhabi after 3 hours. When i landed at Abu Dhabi with all the anxity i realized that I missed my New York flight.
2) I was told that I would be helped at airport with all the question/arrangements for next fligth. But what i saw is ground staff is working at very slow pace and handeling each customer care in 15 to 20 minutes. All the passangers were shouting and
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Apr 27, 2012 
Never Travel in Ethihad with Baggage as we never be sure if our baggage will be deliverd to us or by luck if its deliverd , don't surprise if you miss anything.
Hi, Don't *** off if your requests are simply ignored or not paid any attension by the Customer service reps. After all they are from Eihad....
Reply to TC Reddy

Aug 08, 2011 
Worst airline for customer service. Never will fly with them again.
Reply to RG

Jul 11, 2011 
my wife traveled from JFK to Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu and along the way, Etihad lost her luggage. I called each airport's costomer service center for Etihad and they rudely told me to call the next airport of her journey since they couldn't find. Please, in today's age of computers and baggage specific numbers, how can an airlines not know where someone's luggage is at all times? We gave up totally frustrated but then 2 weeks later Etihad calls and tells us it's in South AFrica!! They shipped it up to Kathmandu but the lock was broken and the bag damaged. Fortunately nothing was stolen...but they also would not compensate for the damage done. We are telling all our Nepali and Indian friends to pass the word along NOT to fly with Etihad. We will stay with Qatar airlines from now on. :(
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Feb 08, 2011 
The same experience my first n last with etihad.
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Mar 04 
I strongly recommend not to travel in etihad, better cancel your trip rather facing horrible situations..just faced another incident almost similer. no one cares in etihad airlines wherever..irrespective of the country.
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