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Ethan Allen - Scratches on my new dining table

Company Ethan Allen
Product / Service Dining Table
Location Toronto, Ontario
Category Furniture and Decor
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Monetary Loss

We bought 3 rooms from Ethan Allen ( family , formal living and dinette)
We noticed that the dinette table scratches easily even with place mats), my nephew was writing on a piece of paper on place mat on table I noticed that all the marks showed on table.
First I emailed the sale person ,didn't respond then I called the store and left her a message she send me an email to call customer service. When I called customer service the told me nothing we can do for you you should google and find some one that do restoration for antique furniture ,she didn't even offer that someone come and have a look at table and give us an opinion about how to fix it.
Very very bad customer service , very disappointed in Ethan Ellen ( very expensive furniture and no what so ever support or care to their furniture)
My friend bought her table from a cheaper furniture place and they always send her some one to take care of any scratches
I will never buy from Ethan Allen again as they don't stand behind their products
Very disappointed 2f3156d

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Nov 13, 2013 
I also bought a walnut dining table from them in June of 2013 for $2,600.00 (for only the table) We had a dinner on it once and were very careful but I am really sad to say it has scratches all over it. It makes me sick! I am an Interior Designer and am not impressed with the recent quality of their furniture. The guys who delivered the table brought it in the house assembled and left. I received NO warranty papers or the tool to take the table apart. After many calls and emails to the salesperson I was told there is no tool to take the table apart. I specifically said we would be moving and we need to be able to take it apart. I think their customer service sucks!!!!!
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Sep 25, 2013 
We had the same problems with all of our living room and dining room Ethan Allen furniture-- it scratches and nicks very easily. Our bedroom set- also from Ethan Allen- has a much better finish.
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Aug 18, 2013  from Lake Worth, Florida
Years ago I purchased a wooden dinning room set from a company on Long Island and they were knowledgeable enough to offer me the option of purchasing pads for all the pieces of furniture, which I did seven years later the dinning set is in excellent condition. The salesperson should give the option to the customers . Get with it. Customer service is so important.
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Aug 15, 2013  from Baltimore, Maryland
Though the design consultant you worked with should have been much more attentive, and suggested a table pad for high traffic surfaces, the tables you bought were....wood. They are handcrafted in America, solid and quality furniture, which is where the price tag comes in...but wood...is wood....is wood, and there is no such thing as "indestructable wood that never gets water rings or scratches or indentations". Knowing that you've purchased a wooden piece of furniture, perhaps the child should have been given a mat or hard surface to press against. They didn't send a technician out to take a look at the pieces of furniture because it wasn't a warranty issue, it was a user issue.
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