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ER Solutions - Convergent Outsourcing collection scam

Company ER Solutions
Location New Hyde Park, New York
Category Collection Agencies
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I got a message on my cell phone today from Convergent Outsourcing saying that they are calling to collect on a debt I owe. I called them back and they know my name but refused to answer any other questions about who they were until I provided my address, which I declined to do.

I just got me credit scores from the 3 main agencies today, and I have a credit score of over 800, so obviously I don't have any uncollected debt outstanding, and this is a scam.

Please do yourself a favor and don't give them any personal information. If there was a legitimate debt, they would have your address!

Suzanne in CT 2f18259

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Mar 14 
These people called for my husband.But since Im his wife they were gonna let me verify his info..(how nice of them.) i refused to give them info until they told me what it was in regards to. She said she would tell me once she verifies I am really the wife of the person she was calling for. I said "How about YOU verify who you are. YOU tell me what you are calling about and then maybe I'll verify.You called HERE. Im not *** I know a phishing scam when I hear one". she said she would call back to discuss his "debt" with himat a later time. I hope she does. I look forward to talking to her again now that I have had a chance to verify my suspicions.
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Feb 17 
Just got a call from 855-344-7844, but did NOT answer. I do not answer numbers that I do not recognize. After typing the number into Google, I find this collection of similar stories. Folks, if you are not familiar with a number that is calling you, don't answer. First look at the various online sites that catalog reverse-numbers.
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Nov 25, 2013 
Received fax call today from Seattle. Dialed number back, got operator for Convergent Outsourcing. I asked why they had called, and gave the number they had dialed, asked the to take my number off their list, and why they were calling. They said they had not called.

Getting a lot of call from all over the country, at all hours, with no one on the other end, Help!
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Nov 02, 2013 
They called me i just hang up...
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Oct 29, 2013 
10/29/2013 I recieved a call from them today wanting me to verify my address and ssn I said I've never dealt with yall so how would you get my information she stated that she could not give me any information so I declined my info then she hung up on me lol like thats kinda unprofessional dont you think I'm not ***.
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Oct 16, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
10.16.13- got 3 calls from the 855-344-7844 today- I called back from a different phone line and got a recording without a business name, but to hold on. I am then connected with a person saying "thank you for calling Convergent Outsourcing". I asked what type of business this was, he asks what phone number did I get the call on, I asked again what type of business this was and he said its regarding "personal matters". I inquired what type of personal matters, medical, mortgages, etc? He re-claims personal matters, I retort with "or are you a scammer and shall I report this number to the FBI and BBB? He quipped back "go ahead' and hung up!!!
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Aug 22, 2013  from New Bremen, Ohio
Got call from Convergence Outsourcing today. Asking for ______. I told them that, "___ wasn't here and asked if I could take a message" They said it was a personal business matter and said for that person to call back the same number they called me from.

The phone Number is: 919.594.6303
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Aug 16, 2013 
I called convergent to find out where the so-called debt was from. phone number I called was 866-291-6364. The automated system asked if I was (my name). My first clue should have been that they used my married last name, which I haven't used in years. Then they asked for the last four of my social and I stupidly typed it in. My second clue: the amount that said I owed was different than the amount in the letter. I pushed the button to talk to a real person and was disconnected. I went to the website and copied the address and did a satellite google search which took me to a parking lot. Now I feel dumb and hope that sharing the last four of my social doesn't get me into trouble???
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Jul 31, 2013 
I just received a call from 855-344-7844 telling me they were from Convergence Outsourcing. First call I answered but hung up when the automated voice came on the line asking for me. I called right back and a woman answered. Of course she wouldn't tell me why they called without my info. I refused to answer and asked if this was a sales call. She said she wouldn't give me anymore information then told me to call back when I was willing to do so. I googled and found this forum. Thank goodness I checked. Thank you all for posting. I'm going to post this scam on my facebook page and urge you all to do the same to protect your friends and family
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Jun 20, 2013  from Albuquerque, New Mexico
I got a call from 877-317-3177. Said I owed DISH a cancellation fee (in dispute, I had paid) BUT if I agreed to pay a reduced amount the account would be closed. FOOLISHLY I paid just to get the hassel off my back. It DID not close the account, just got billed again by DISH. I rarely fall for *** like this. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY>
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Jun 11, 2013  from Irvine, California
Convergent Outsourcing also run my credit on TransUnion back 2011. When I found out last year, I was pissed!! because I have no any of collections at all. I have no idea how do them run my credit without my authorization.

Anyway, I tried to call TransUnion last year and again today (6/10/13) to dispute it. Guess what! TransUnion told me you that CAN NOT dispute on INQUIRIES!!!! Can you believe that??? They told me I have to call Convergent myself and ask them to remove the inquires.

And when I called Convergent, guess what the first question they ask me again was "What is your SSN?" Ha.. Like I will give them that info through the phone!!! Of Course, NO SSN#, they can't help me either.

But I just can not believe that TransUnion won't allow consumer to dispute any unauthorized inquiries! That is BS!!! I will keep fighting that..
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Jun 04, 2013  from Merced, California
received numerous calls from VOIP message that gave the standard if this is NAME press 1, etc. but the system doesn't recognize any key strokes and then the recording goes on to leave the message that I agree that I'm NAME and I must contact them immediately about a debt. Total scam. Don't listen to them. The caller ID showed a land line in Stockton.
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May 06, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
I got a phone call about 20 minutes ago, from this # 877-495-0497, and the woman on the other end told me that she was calling from Convergent Outsourcing and wanted to discuss a personal matter with Terry. I said okay, what is this about and she asked for my social security number ....(hahhahha....), I asked her if she thought I was ***, and what kind of a scam she was running? Before hanging up on her, I told her that I was going to report her and the company to DA's office if she called again
Five minutes later I received another call from the same number. A man on the other end from convergent asked for my name address and social. I told him to *** my name from his list, and he used some inappropriate vocab, and I hung up.
After I googled and came to this site, it gave me confidence that Convergent is really running a scam. I called convergent and told them about complaints against them on the web. Immediately convergent guy offered to take my name off of their list. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS TO THIS SITE, and whoever started this. Fantastic.
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May 07, 2013  from Cheshire, Connecticut
I just received one of those, if this is not the right number for so and so press this, by not replying you are agreeing that you are so and so and are responsible for this debt. How dare this fraudulent group put my name on anyone's answering machine. This seems to be an ongoing problem with former Sprint customers. The issue is I do not, nor ever had an account with sprint. Sprint should actually be held responsible for this harassment as well. I called the police, called back Convergent and let them know in no uncertain terms that I would follow through with the police if this did not stop immediately.
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Jul 08, 2013  from Traverse City, Michigan
Terry, please post the number you called to actually reach Convergent. Post for everyone. THanks
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Apr 23, 2013  from Springfield, Missouri
I received a letter from Convergent at my current postal address with my maiden name on it for a debt with a company I had never had an account with. When I called to inquire and let them know this was not an account I opened they acted like I was lying and and couldn't even give me the companies number they were trying to collect for. They got rude after telling me the account they were talking about had been open for six years prior to being closed for no payment. I got in contact with Verizon Wireless and what do you know I guess I really didn't have an account for six years that I didn't know about..... Needless to say they may not have a complaint with the better BB yet but I promise when I get done that will be the lest of their worries. Please be safe and don't give this company an personal information.
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Mar 25, 2013  from Decatur, Georgia
I just received a call from Convergent Outsourcing saying that they were collecting on an outstanding bill. I DO have an outstanding bill in collection but NOT with Convergent Outsourcing. I pulled my credit and it showed that Convergent did an inquiry on my credit report - that is how they found out about my outstanding bill. This company is such a scam how dare they look at my credit report!! If I had not pulled my credit I would not have seen that they were looking at my credit report. These people are bottom feeders. They are trying to uncut legitimate credit collection companies. Before paying them, check your credit report so see who is the actual collection company.
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Mar 21, 2013  from Madison, Wisconsin
I received both letter and a call. Mine is legit. I cancelled my phone service with US Cellular and had a $180 balance that was turned over to them.
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Mar 16, 2013  from Walnut Creek, California
This company sent a letter to my mother in-laws house. Stating that I owe them over 1,300. The creditor that they have listed, I've never even had an account with. I called to tell them that it was fraudulent. They insisted on trying to settle the account with me anyways. These people are a joke. They are not even registered with the BBB. :(
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